Australia's Peril

Australia's Peril

Volume One

An exposé of the process of
Asian integration being forced upon Australia


Explanatory Notes

1) Asianisation: A Policy of Many Facets
2) Asianisation: A Deliberate Policy
3) Asian Immigration
4) The Future Asian Population in Australia
5) Multiculturalism as a Cloak for Asianisation
6) The Undemocratic Nature of Asianisation
7) Planning for Asianisation
8) Moves Towards Asianisation: Australia's "Asian Future" and the "Labor" Side of Politics
9) Moves Towards Asianisation: The "Fellow Travellers"
10) Moves Towards Asianisation: The "Conservative" Side of Politics
11) Moves Towards Asianisation: Big-Business
12) Moves Towards Asianisation: Enmeshment With Asia (Selling Australia's Future for Asian Money)
13) The Future?
14) Resistance to Asianisation


1: Settler Arrivals, Selected Years (Australian Immigration)
2: Net Permanent Gain, Selected Years (Australian Immigration)
3: Net Permanent and Long-Term Gain, Selected Years (Australian Immigration)
4: The Increasing Asian Percentage of Australia's Population

Note: Reference numbers with an asterix refer to those references which include a comment.

First edition 1996
Second edition 1996
Third edition February 1998
Updated January 2009 (in process)