Australia's Peril

Multiculturalism as a Cloak for Asianisation

The post-World War Two mass immigration programmes created an extremely large ethnic base; the existence of which eventually led to the political development, and implementation, of the disastrous policies of multiculturalism. Stephen Rimmer, a Canberra-based economist and author, has recently exposed multiculturalism as a stepping-stone to the eventual Asianisation of Australia:

    "Multiculturalism serves as a cloak for the undeclared policy of Asianisation which involves linking Australia economically, ethnically and culturally with the nations of North-East Asia. As part of Asianisation, Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy has been abandoned. Migrants and refugees are now selected on the basis of ethnicity... Resources are spread unevenly and migration applications from North-East Asia are dealt with more quickly than applications from Europe".(23)
While the nations of North-East Asia figure more prominently in the economic aspect of this undeclared policy; it would be fair to add that Asianisation actually involves all, or most, of the nations of Asia - and this applies especially to the demographic aspect of Asianisation.