Ironbark Resources (incorporating the Australian Nationalism Information Database) is an educational resource to promote Australia's national identity and culture, and to offer criticism of mass immigration, multiculturalism, Asianisation and Islamification as major threats to our environment, our people, and our way of life. This educational resource was established in March 1998 as a service to the people of Australia.
              A wide range of on-line publications and articles are provided on the above-mentioned issues, as well as on other issues of interest to Australian Nationalists. Links are provided to Nationalist organisations within Australia, as well as to media resources.

News of interest

The Poetry of Henry Lawson
launched on the anniversary of Henry Lawson's birth, with over 600 of his poems
Articles by

Prof. Andrew Fraser

Denis McCormack

Graeme Campbell

Andrew Phillips

    14 December 2005 onwards [ANID]
    1 March 1998 to 13 December 2005 [ANID]