Is the attitude to white Australian women
the canary in the coalmine?

Susan Collins

As the ethnic make up of Australia changes, it seems prudent that Australians evaluate closely the attitude held by immigrants from non-Western countries toward white Australian women. Especially when there are inaccurate, negative, hateful and bigoted stereotypes held by multiple ethnic groups, rather than just lone disaffected individuals.

Concerning too is that political correctness, the psychosis of white guilt and the paranoia of being branded a racist is causing white women to tolerate behaviours and attitudes from minorities that is actually disadvantaging them or endangering their safety (or that of others). Our society has a duty of care towards young white women to make them aware of:

  • negative stereotypes surrounding their race and gender
  • tactics used to emotionally manipulate them into complying with and tolerating attitudes and behaviours that degrade, disempower or endanger them
  • identifying anti-white racism without confusing it with a personality clash
  • skilful approaches to challenging anti-white racism toward white women
  • the importance of standing up for other white women who are experiencing anti-white racism rather than being a tolerant bystander.

There is a dirty little secret everyone knows about, but no one really wants to talk about. That secret is that much of the non-white world have very poor opinions of white women. These stereotypes include being loose, lazy, selfish, self-centred, bitches, bimbos, bad mothers and bad wives. The most dangerous of these stereotypes, because this directly endangers them, is that white women are promiscuous and sex is like shaking hands to them (and I think we all know what I'm talking about).

Being a designated "racist" in this country, who has been force fed a daily multicultural diet, I have not dared to critically evaluate any non-white culture; its attitudes, habits, beliefs, values and I definitely have not judged its women. However, interestingly enough, I find that new immigrants are well versed in the supposed habits of the white woman. And you know, many think that there is nothing worse any man could do (including white men) than marry a white woman.

So I often wonder what the future may hold for the next generation of white women in Australia if the balance of power and ethnic make up changes to the degree that there is a white minority. Will white women find they are considered too lazy to be good employees? Will they be considered as only good for sex and not much else? Will ethnic parents go into an uproar if their son insists on marrying a white woman he loves?

Sometimes you know what the future will be because it is already here. Is the attitude toward white Australian women the canary in the coalmine?

I'm signing off to hide my daily dose of multicultural attitude pills from the thought police, before they find out I didn't take them today, or yesterday, or the day before...

August 2010