Defending Free Speech

Multiculturalist propaganda in our schools

          The government is spending millions of dollars on propaganda for school teachers to tell you what a great idea Multiculturalism is. But if Multiculturalism is so obviously great, then why do they have to "teach" you that it is?
          Or are pro-Multiculturalism politicians and teachers trying to brainwash you into their way of thinking?

          The federal and state governments are spending millions of dollars in campaigns to try to convince Australians that "diversity" is a good thing. The "Cultural Diversity Week" campaign, the "Harmony Week" campaign, the "Just Like You" campaign, along with other government propaganda, are especially aimed at schools.[1]
          Students are "actively encouraged to join in" these propaganda events; in fact, teachers orchestrate student participation in these propaganda campaigns, and those students who oppose this form of government-funded brainwashing can be pressured and berated by their teachers. For those who have had the experience of growing up under Communism in Russia, or under Nazism in Germany, it's a familiar story of indoctrination and social pressure to conform to the political ideology of the state.
          Democracy and freedom of speech are great ideas, but government propagandists don't spend millions of dollars to fund a "Democracy Week" or a "Freedom of Speech Week" in schools. That's because both those ideas are considered so obviously good by the general population, and they don't need convincing. On the other hand, many people realise that the realities of Multiculturalism can be very bad for the Australian community, and thus the government creates propaganda to try to convince the general population to agree with it.

Questions about Multiculturalism

          Government-paid propaganda is subtle brainwashing, and is a poor substitute for proper professional teaching.
          An easy test of this issue is to see if your school teachers are teaching both sides of the political ideology of Multiculturalism. If schools are not teaching propaganda, then - in all fairness - wouldn't it be the case that teachers would be showing both sides of an issue?
          And, importantly, are your teachers discussing the issue in a manner that presents both sides without slander, half-truths, and lies (and without bias)? Or do they present the case against Multiculturalism with a sneer, and in a biased manner?
          Can Multiculturalist teachers answer probing questions about the political line they are pushing upon you? Or can't they handle the truth?

Isn't it true that Multiculturalism inevitably leads to laws banning free speech?

          In Australia, Liberal-Labor politicians have introduced Multiculturalism laws to enable the enforcement of the political ideology of Multiculturalism by threatening opposing voices with massive fines and jail. This has been done by the introduction of so-called racial vilification and religious vilification laws.

          In Victoria, Christian pastors Danny Nalliah (from Sri Lanka) and Daniel Scot (from Pakistan) have been attacked under the Multiculturalism laws for giving their opinion about Islam to a Christian seminar.[2]
          The Human Rights industry, not having many so-called "vilification" cases, went around trying to drum up business; they spent a lot of resources in advising Muslim organisations that they could charge opponents under the Multiculturalist laws. An employee of the Equal Opportunity Commission encouraged some Muslims to attend a Christian seminar, apparently with the purpose of being "offended", so that the Muslims could lay legal charges against their opponents.[3]
          The whole process is a fraud from start to finish; these laws are designed to enforce the political ideology of Multiculturalism under the guise of stopping "insults".

          The pastors were brought before the Equal Opportunity Commission, which failed to resolve the matter by "conciliation"; indeed, who would voluntarily give up their freedom of speech? They were then dragged to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), appearing before Judge Higgins, who fined them $70,000 (this is done, not by direct fine, but by ordering them to put expensive "apology" advertisements in major newspapers; in this case, estimated at $70,000), and they were directed to stop expressing their opinions and passing on facts about Islam.[4]
          If the pastors refuse to stop expressing their opinions, they can be sent to prison for up to three months for refusing to comply with VCAT orders. If the pastors continue to hold steadfast to their freedom of speech, then presumably they can be sent to prison again and again and again. Pastor Nalliah said he would not apologise for his statements and was prepared to go to jail if necessary to defend his freedom of speech and religion.[5]
          Nalliah and Scot are appealing the VCAT decision to the Supreme Court, which could cost $400,000. This whole process would effectively bankrupt any ordinary Australian, even if they are never found "guilty", and that is what this political law is designed to do - to heavily fine or bankrupt opponents of Multiculturalism, or even send them to jail if they can't pay (the latter could apply to most people).

          The government has created "vilification" as a both a criminal and a civil law, so that non-government bodies can use the Multiculturalism law to harass political and social opponents. In this way, like Pontius Pilate, the government can pretend to wash its hand clean of the matter, when in fact this sort of persecution is what they intended when they created the law in the first place. In the case of the two Christian pastors, the government has enabled the Islamic Council of Victoria to legally and financially harass its opponents. It should be realised that this case is government persecution, no matter how it is dressed up; this is what the government intended all along.
          To ruin people financially is a sneaky and sleazy tactic of the Multiculturalists. Jailing people can create martyrs, so instead they set out to bankrupt them, or - better still - send them to jail for not being able to pay their fines (or for refusing to pay), or for refusing to obey judges' orders, because such court orders against free speech are morally wrong. That way, if their political opponents are jailed, it's supposedly not for their "thought crimes", but instead for financial or judicial "crimes".

          These Christian pastors have learnt to their cost that in a state ruled by Multiculturalism, you can be financially destroyed or subsequently jailed for stating your opinion - if your opinion is in opposition to the ruling elite's political ideology.
          Pastor Daniel Scot, a Pakistani Christian, was a victim of Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws (which can incur a death sentence) when he was charged in 1986 with insulting Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The fact that he fled to Australia, a country previously known for its commitment to freedom of speech, only to be persecuted under a similar law, is hugely ironic.[6]
          It is important to note that at no time were these victims of Multiculturalism allowed to have their case heard before a jury - that is the reality of living under Multiculturalism, a political ideology that claims to be democratic but in practice is heavily fascist.

          And where are the laws that make it illegal to "insult" people who are fat, short, tall, bald, old, etc., etc.? There are none. The only reason racial-ethnic-religious "vilification" laws have been created by Liberal-Labor politicians is to enable legal harassment as an element of "politically correct" social engineering, in particular to be used against the opponents of Multiculturalism, immigration, and Asianisation.
          The political Multiculturalism laws were created to silence the opponents of Multiculturalism, or at least to try to intimidate them into silence, whilst only the supporters of Multiculturalism have the right to express their full opinion in public. The Multiculturalists are banning free speech for their ideological opponents: If this is not fascism, then what is? "No freedom of speech for our political opposition" is the creed of the Multiculturalists. Indeed, political Multiculturalism is fascism.[7]
          The political ideology of Multiculturalism demands massive immigration of Third World populations into Western countries. When this happens, major social dislocation occurs, and a rise in ethnic tensions is created, often splitting the land into conflicting "ethnic tribes". The host population becomes increasingly unhappy with being culturally and demographically dispossessed. To contain the resulting explosive nature of society, Multiculturalist governments then impose authoritarian laws against freedom of speech, banning the public expression of the outrage of the dispossessed majority.

          Political Multiculturalism is, by its very nature, an ideology that must be authoritarian. If it is to destroy a nation's people, and crush dissent in the process, it cannot be otherwise.

Isn't it true that, under Australia's Multiculturalist laws, telling the truth is no defence?

          In New South Wales, Professor Andrew Fraser has been harassed by the falsely-named "Human Rights Commission" (they actually attack human rights) for stating his opinion, in a letter to his local newspaper, that having higher rates of Black African immigration will lead to higher rates of violent crime. Fraser wasn't saying that all Blacks are violent, but rather that there is a much higher proportion of violence amongst ethnic-African populations.
          The fact that Professor Fraser can provide world-wide research as evidence of his view is irrelevant - because, according to the Multiculturalism laws, telling the truth is no defence.

          Similarly, the same applied to Pastors Nalliah and Scot in Victoria. The judge in their case ruled that if they quoted negative passages from the Koran, even as evidence during their trial, that they could again be charged with vilification! So you can't even defend yourself in court.[8]

          Under the jackbooted rule of Multiculturalism, telling the truth is illegal.

Isn't it true that when large numbers of Asians, Africans, Arabs, and other Third Worlders enter another country, that it inevitably leads to major ethnic displacement (that is, demographic genocide)?

          For example:

  • Fiji was 100% Fijian in 1800, today it is only 54% Fijian (the rest are mostly of Indian ethnicity).[9]
  • California was approximately 90% White in 1940, 66% in 1980, 57% in 1990, and 47% in 2000. Whites in California are expected to be only 23% of the population by 2050.[10]
  • The USA was approximately 89% White in 1940, 80% in 1980, 76% in 1990, and 69% in 2000.Whites in the USA are expected to be a minority not long after 2050, when they are projected to be 50.1% of the population. Whites are now a minority in several American states: California, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Texas (with Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, and New York close behind).[11]
  • Australia was approximately 0.4% of Asian/Third World ethnicity in 1947, 0.6% in 1966, 12% Asian/Third World today. Those of Asian/Third World ethnicity are expected to comprise about 25% of the population by 2020.[12]
          Amongst the Liberal-Labor ruling elite, there is a commitment to the ongoing Asianisation of Australia, with an intention for the continuance of Asianisation policies until the majority of people in Australia are of Asian or Third World ethnic background (and then it is only a matter of time until the country becomes entirely of Asian/Third World ethnicity). This is the case, even though most Australians oppose such a future.

          There are many Asians, Africans, Hispanics, and Europeans who are nice people; but when it comes to large-scale immigration, that is not the issue.
          The really important question is: Just because it is Multiculturalist political doctrine, should ethnic and racial diversity be wiped from the face of the Earth?
          To do that would be genocide. And no matter what, no matter how Multiculturalists slyly try to dress up their motives as being "sharing and caring", genocide is evil.

          Multiculturalist propagandists will try to portray opposition to their plans as being a matter of hate, but that's just a lie. Opposition to Multiculturalism is a question of whether or not the Australia population is to be Asianised; whether or not the Australian People are to survive, or become victims of genocide.
          It is the Multiculturalists who are full of hate. Driven by loathing for Western society, driven by a guilt-ridden psychosis, the Multiculturalists strive to destroy White Western societies by large-scale Third World immigration; they believe that to "hand over" Western societies to people from poor Third World societies will relieve their falsely-held guilt over Western success and their falsely-held guilt over historical colonialism, slavery, and "racism".

          It is common practice for Multiculturalists to teach that colonialism was bad, but fail to tell students that colonialism usually raised the living conditions and life expectancy of colonial populations. They teach about Western colonialism, but rarely - if ever - mention Third World colonialism.
          They teach about Black slavery in White America, but neglect to teach about slavery by Arabs, Africans, and Asians. They rarely, if ever, teach about the huge numbers of White people sent into slavery.
          They teach about White "racism", about discrimination against non-Whites, but don't teach much about non-White racism. African and Asian organisations set up to defend their people are viewed as expressions of "ethnic pride", but White organisations set up to defend their people are described as "racist". Discrimination against non-Whites is "terrible racism", but discrimination against Whites is "affirmative action" (tell that to dirt-poor White people who miss out on employment opportunities because of the colour of their skin).

Multiculturalist propaganda

          Multiculturalist propaganda is taught to the schoolchildren of our nation from a very young age. In essence, it teaches that the history of White nations is bad, that Whites oppressed non-White peoples; that other cultures are special, whilst our culture is not; that we need to integrate our culture and people with other cultures and peoples.
          In teaching this anti-national propaganda, Multiculturalist teachers have been destroying the self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth of our nation's children; it is no wonder that today's youth feel alienated from society, and that the youth suicide rate is so high. Such is the legacy of Multiculturalist propaganda.

          This is happening not only in Australia; Multiculturalist propaganda is taught to students in all Western nations. To quote Perry Lorenz, an American critic:

                Malignant multiculturalism is explicitly anti-American, anti-Western, and pro-Third World. It selects the worst historical episodes for high-lighting, in addition to distortions and fabrications. It's a hatchet job on our culture.[13]

Multiculturalism is an anti-Western ideology

          Multiculturalism is a political ideology that is anti-Western in nature; an ideology that encourages negative attitudes and hate against Western nations. Of course, in the thinly-veiled terminology of Multiculturalism, "anti-Western" usually equates to meaning "anti-White".

          Some extracts from "Multiculturalism's War on Education", by Elan Journo, are particularly pertinent:

                Multiculturalism seeks to inject an anti-Western dogma into today's curriculum.
                ...What multiculturalists seek is not the goal they advertise, but something else entirely.
                ...Multiculturalism's goal is not to teach about other cultures, but to promote - by means of distortions and half-truths - the notion that non-Western cultures are as good as, if not better than, Western culture. Far from "broadening" the curriculum, what multiculturalism seeks is to diminish the value of Western culture in the minds of students.
                ...The ideals, achievements and history of Western culture in general - and of America in particular - are purposely given short-shrift by multiculturalism. That the Industrial Revolution and the Information Age were born and flourished in Western nations; that the preponderance of Nobel prizes in science have been awarded to people in the West - such facts, if they are noted, are passed over with little elaboration. The "history" that students do learn is rewritten to fit multiculturalism's agenda.
                ...It is a gross misconception to view multiculturalism as an effort to enrich education. By reshaping the curriculum, the purveyors of "diversity" in the classroom calculatedly seek to prevent students from grasping the objective value to human life of Western culture - a culture whose magnificent achievements have brought man from mud huts to moon landings. Multiculturalism is no boon to education, but an agent of anti-Western ideology.

          Western cultures should be afforded respect by Multiculturalists in our schools and media, instead of being constantly derided and attacked by teachers and journalists in the furtherance of their Multiculturalist political agenda.
          Students should not sit meekly whilst their cultural and national heritage is constantly maligned by politically propagandistic educators, who concentrate so much upon denigrating aspects of our history and culture.
          For example, if teachers put out propaganda about supposed massacres of Aborigines by White settlers (often not true anyway), ask them to give a balanced view by teaching about Aboriginal inter-tribal warfare and cannibalism.
          If teachers talk in glowing terms of "affirmative action", request that they stop using politically-loaded phrases that hide the actual nature of such things, and ask them to call it "anti-White racism" instead. It's time to call a spade a spade.

Multiculturalist propaganda promotes anti-White racism

          There is a common propaganda theme that runs throughout schools and the media.
          Those school teachers and journalists who are anti-national globalists incorporate their biased world-view into their teachings and media output, including movies and television shows - in documentaries as well as in works of fiction.
          Unfortunately, these liberal-internationalist cosmopolitans dominate our media and schools, and - as the media has a near-monopoly on the influencing of public opinion - their bias helps maintain the stranglehold of globalist Liberal-Labor politicians over our nation.
          What is this propaganda theme that is so heavily promoted by media hacks and propagandistic teachers?
          Answer: Anti-White racism.

          Whilst some people may have spotted this anti-White racism in education or on television, many may not be consciously aware of it - however, this is not because it is not there, but because this racism and bigotry is usually subtle and insipid. Effective media propaganda, if it is to work well, is not blatantly obvious brainwashing. Instead of outwardly appearing to argue a particular viewpoint, it will subtly and slyly insert that viewpoint in its methodology, whether that be the insertion of subtle propaganda into a television show or into classroom materials.
          Multiculturalist propaganda in education and the media promotes a twisted racist way of thinking, which runs in a sequential order:

  • Racism is evil, and therefore racial discrimination is evil. That seems straight-forward enough, except that the emphasis is almost always concentrated on supposed White racism; of course, the fact that such emphasis is racist in itself is ignored by the Multiculturalists. This line of propaganda is promoted by stories or class material on slavery, anti-Aboriginal acts, accusations of racism, etc.).
  • All racism is caused by White people. The overwhelming majority of examples of racism portrayed in the media and in schools are of White racism; Asian and Black racism is scarcely ever mentioned.
  • Therefore, the existence of White people promotes the evils of racism.
  • Therefore, the world can be rid of racism, if only it can be rid of White people.
  • Therefore, there should be large-scale immigration of non-Whites into White countries. In this way, the "White domination of the world" can be ended by the outnumbering, outbreeding, and interbreeding of the White populations.
  • Therefore, when White people no longer exist, when the world consists only of "coffee-coloured people by the score", then all evil racism will have disappeared, and the world will live happily ever after.

          Multiculturalism is the only political ideology that seeks to wipe out the existence of all races and ethnicities from the face of the earth. It is an inherently genocidal political ideology that seeks the long-term destruction of all unique peoples across the world, and is waging a propagandistic cultural war against the peoples of Western nations to achieve its aims.
          It is time to expose Multiculturalist propaganda for what it is. It is time to demand that teachers show both sides of the argument equally. It is time to defend and support our nation in our schools.
          As for political Multiculturalism, it is time for all people to take a stand against this insidious ideology that seeks to destroy our nation.
          Multicultural propaganda should be opposed by all fair-minded people, and has no place in the schools of our nation.


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