Defending Free Speech

Multiculturalism is Fascism

          Do you want more Muslim, Asian, Arab, or African immigration?

          Do you want Muslim, Asian, Arab, or African cultural practices to expand in Australia?

          Rabid Multiculturalists would say that you must not publicly answer those questions, unless you say "Yes". Under the fascistic rule of Multiculturalism, politicians are trying to make it illegal to oppose Asian, African, and Muslim immigration, even if the majority of the Australian people are opposed to such migration policies. Apparently, you have lost the right to say who comes into your country.

Multiculturalism = Laws against free speech

          Liberal-Labor politicians have created Multiculturalist laws to try to make it illegal to criticise the hard realities of Multiculturalism. People who say anything that can be construed as breaking the so-called "racial vilification" laws can be dragged into the legal system for a public show trial by a "kangaroo court" or "star chamber". And, of course, the political laws against free speech are worded so vaguely, so that ordinary people are unsure of whether what they say is "illegal" or not, and therefore often end up by not daring to say anything in public at all.
          The "Human Rights" Commissioners, often involved in this legal process, are Multiculturalists, appointed by Multiculturalists, and have been put there to enforce Multiculturalism. The Human Rights Commission should actually be called the Crushing Democracy Commission, since that is what it was designed to do. Its "Human Rights" title is a prime example of what one could expect to find in George Orwell's 1984 story of fascist government, where the titles of government bodies reflect the opposite of the authoritarian role that they actually perform.
          To put the Human Rights Commission in charge of any aspect of our free speech is like putting pedophiles in charge of a kindergarten. It's a public outrage.

Multiculturalism = No trial by jury

          Under the Multiculturalist laws, you can be dragged before a kangaroo court, even by a so-called "Human Rights Commission", just for stating your opinion; you are not necessarily entitled to a trial by jury, in which case, there will be no independent citizens present to ensure that justice is done. You can be tried solely by Multiculturalist appointees, who can order you to pay thousands of dollars beyond your means, or go to jail instead.

Multiculturalism = Fascism

          Multiculturalism is an inherently fascistic and authoritarian ideology; because as Multiculturalism causes society to break down into sizeable ethnic "tribes" there will be considerable anger and conflict, and that can only be contained by clamping down upon the freedom of people to complain and criticise about government policies. Examples abound in other countries, such as in the United Kingdom, where Multiculturalists have introduced laws to inhibit free speech.

          Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, under whose rule Germany allowed in masses of Arab immigrants, has realised his error, and admitted

                Multicultural societies have only ... functioned peacefully in authoritarian states. To that extent it was a mistake for us to bring guest workers from foreign cultures into the country at the beginning of the 1960s.[1]

          Having a democracy means having the freedom to exchange opposing views, but that is not possible in a Multiculturalist society. Having our country dominated by the political ideology of Multiculturalism means that people will lose their rights, freedoms, and liberties that they previously took for granted.

Multiculturalism = No freedom

          Multiculturalism acts to destroy a nation's people, creating a dispossessed majority in a situation where ordinary Australians become second-class citizens in their own country - where ordinary Aussies are discriminated against, and where ordinary Aussies find that they cannot criticise the realities of immigration, Multiculturalism, Asianisation, and Islamification without facing the possible threat of being fined or jailed by politically-created courts, biased Multiculturalist judges, and authoritarian government bureaucrats.

Multiculturalism = Telling the truth is illegal!

          People like Professor Fraser have criticised aspects of Third World immigration. His criticisms can be backed up by scientific evidence; but under the new Multiculturalist laws, telling the truth is no defence!
          If a Multiculturalist-appointed kangaroo court says that someone was offended by you telling the truth, then you can be sent to jail.
          If this reminds you of Communism or Nazism, then you would be right. Multiculturalism is just another extremist ideology that should be opposed by all fair-minded Australians.
          The concluding words on this issue are taken from a media release by Professor Andrew Fraser:

                In a stunning blow to freedom of expression in Australia, the President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Mr John von Doussa, QC, declared last Friday, 31 March 2006, that a letter to the editor written by Associate Professor Andrew Fraser and published in the Parramatta Sun on 6 July 2006 was an unlawful breach of s 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. ...
                In that letter Professor Fraser observed that "experience practically everywhere in the world tells us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems." ...
                The freedom of academics to dissent from the official policy of transforming Australia into a colony of the Third World is now officially dead and buried - unless patriotic Australians rally to resist this blatant assault on their ancestral freedoms. ...
                The Commission's proposed resolution of this matter echoes the methodology employed during the show trials in Stalinist Russia where defendants were compelled to confess their thought crimes and beg public forgiveness. ...
                As the state in this country becomes ever more repressive, it is clear that Australians now face a fateful choice: We must decide whether we want to be a free society or a multiracial society. We cannot be both.


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Defending Free Speech