Defending Free Speech

Multiculturalism is a political ideology

          Students are usually taught in our schools that politics is a spectrum of Left versus Right, an ideological battle between largely economic ideologies. That is no longer the case (if it truly ever was).
          The new span of Western political ideologies fall into a different spectrum: of Nationalism vs. Internationalism, Patriotism vs. Globalism, National Culture vs. Multiculturalism.
          Our Australian native-born culture is unique, just as other national cultures are unique. However, the political ideology of Multiculturalism seeks to destroy that cultural diversity. If a whole nation becomes Multicultural, it has lost its national identity, it has lost its national culture.
          If Multiculturalism is to be "successful" worldwide (which it seeks to be), then we would end up with a world with no distinct national cultures. We would all have a global culture, most likely a television-dominated Americanised Coca-Cola Hollywood-style culture. Multiculturalism leads to uniformity, not to diversity.

Multiculturalism is primarily anti-Western in nature

          In reality, Multiculturalism acts as an anti-Western ideology. Non-Western societies happily showcase their culture, and raise their children within their national cultural traditions. Whilst in the West, Multiculturalism is slowly putting a stop to that cultural showcasing and pride.
          Our children, and indeed the whole of our society, are taught, not only via teachers, but also via the media, that our culture, our way of life, is not particularly important, and that we must embrace all cultures, teach all cultures, and not place too much emphasis on our own culture (which, in the eyes of the Multiculturalists, is based upon colonialism, racism, sexism, and any other negative "ism" that they can think of, in order to denigrate our history, traditions, and way of life).

Christmas - a case in point

          Increasingly, in many kindergartens and schools, we can no longer celebrate our mainstream cultural tradition of Christmas, the excuse being that those from different cultural backgrounds may disapprove of Christmas being in their children's school environment. However, if our children go to school in a foreign country, schools which may have a background steeped in Buddhism, Islam, or Shintoism, then that is welcomed as a form of "cultural enrichment"; it is only our social institutions that are not allowed to sustain national culture.
          In many schools and kindergartens, nativity scenes are banned, Jesus is banned, Santa Claus is banned, and even Christmas carols are banned. We should remember that, in Australia, Christmas is, in many ways, more a part of our cultural, rather than religious, way of life - even most atheists and agnostics celebrate Christmas with their families and loved ones.[1]
          In many Western societies, Australia included, elements of Western culture are gradually being banned in public institutions. Many government departments, public authorities, and private businesses have banned the use of Christmas decorations, and have even banned references to the word "Christmas" itself.
          Now we are being taught to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Happy Christmas", and to use the phrase "Seasons Greetings" instead of "Christmas Greetings". This insidious undermining of our cultural life is appearing more and more on our televisions, and being taught more and more in our schools.
          At this stage, some of our public institutions can still use Christmas trees and Santa Claus - but for how long? Multiculturalism, as an anti-Western political ideology, is sure to ban those from government usage too, sooner or later.
          In an atmosphere dominated by the hateful ideology of Multiculturalism, we should realise that Christmas and Easter, as public holidays, must eventually be banned too, as otherwise this would be "discrimination" in favour of one religion.
          This is the stark reality of Multiculturalism.

The horrors of Multiculturalism

          Multiculturalism brings you:

  • Anti-Australian cultural genocide: Destroy Australia's culture, replace it with a mix of all other cultures; our native culture to be killed off, forever.
  • Anti-Australian racial genocide: In the new world order of Multiculturalism, to be White is wrong. Mass immigration and Asianisation are planks of a long-term plan to turn Australia into a Eurasian country; in real terms, to become an Asian Australia.
  • Anti-White discrimination: Often euphemistically referred to as "reverse discrimination" or "affirmative action". No, racism is racism, including when White people are on the receiving end of it. In the thinly-veiled terminology of Multiculturalism, "anti-Western" usually equates to meaning "anti-White".
  • Race hate against White Australians: Teaching in schools an extremely biased "black armband" version of history, to make our children feel ashamed and guilty about their own heritage; all of which is Multiculturalist propaganda.
  • Thought crimes. In the Big Brother world of Multiculturalism, the Multicultural Nazis are making it illegal to criticize government policies on immigration and Multiculturalism. The right to even point out the facts regarding the perils of immigration and the dangers of multi-racial societies is to be banned. As part of this Multiculturalism-driven legalistic fascism, it has been declared in the courts that "the truth is no defence". Multiculturalists are truly the Nazis of our time.
  • Trial without jury. Multiculturalists have even set up star chamber courts, whereby patriotic Australians are to be charged under Multiculturalism laws, to be heard by Multiculturalist "judges" - without a jury present to ensure justice!

Multiculturalism as a code word

          Whilst Multiculturalism is a political ideology for the promotion of cultural pluralism (at least until the attaining of one world-wide culture), it is also a "code-word" for multiracialism. Multiculturalism is intrinsically tied to the ongoing immigration of Third World people into lands that are predominantly European. The pushing of cultural pluralism (along with Political Correctness) is a smokescreen to disguise the real intent of Multiculturalism, which is to destroy the dominant role of Western Man in the world. The real aim of Multiculturalism is to have a world populated only by racially-mixed polyglot societies, enabled by the demographic genocide of racially distinct populations across the world, and of White populations in particular. Multiculturalism is not so much a dream of what could be, but is rather a nightmare of the future.

What can we do?

          Join with Australian nationalists in combating the spread of the horror of Multicultural fascism. Obtain copies of nationalist literature, and letterbox it in your neighbourhood and far and wide (print or photocopy nationalist literature, and distribute). Encourage friends and family to join you.
          Teach your children well. Warn them of the dangers of Multicultural propaganda in our schools, and expose Multiculturalism for the hateful ideology that it is. Tell them about our proud heritage, and arm them with facts to combat Multicultural propaganda in the classroom.
          Spread the word, encourage others to join, and become active in the fight for Australia!


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Defending Free Speech