Regarding Hate Propaganda

Andrew Guild

One of the most insidious hate-filled ideologies today is that of Australian multiculturalism, based as it is - at least in part - upon a hate for White Australia and those who advocate a White Australia. That multiculturalism is a very biased, intolerant, bigoted ideology can be seen in its extremely biased and bigoted pro-multiculturalism propaganda, and in its extremely intolerant and anti-democratic moves to silence public criticism of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

Australian nationalism is based upon love, affection, and affinity for the Australian People and the Australian national identity and culture.

Australian Nationalists recognise that the enemies of the Australian People are those of the Traitor Class within the current Australian Establishment (in particular, those in politics, academia, and the media). The Asians in Australia are simply the tools of the Australian Establishment, who are using mass Asian immigration to implement the Asianisation of Australia for their own ideological reasons, as part of their determination to impose upon Australia their world-view of cosmopolitan-internationalism. The Asians, and other coloured peoples, who have come to Australia have simply been taking advantage of a good deal offered to them by Australian politicians and bureaucrats.

Australian nationalists are carrying out their political struggle not against the Asians in Australia, but against the current Establishment which is dominated by those of the Traitor Class (multiculturalist cosmopolitan-internationalists). It is the hate-filled, destructive multiculturalism, and its associated anti-Australian hate propaganda, that Australian nationalists must battle in the political arena.

Fight Hate Propaganda!

Fight Multiculturalism!

1 March 1998