Taking Back the Moral High Ground


It is time for Australian Nationalists to take back the moral high ground in public debate.

Nationalism is a stream of thought that promotes diverse cultures, human bio-diversity, free-thinking, and freedom of speech.

Multiculturalism, on the other hand, promotes the eventual loss of differing cultures, the genocide of differing ethnic and racial groups, and opposes both freedom of speech and democracy.

Multiculturalists are often bigoted, prejudiced, and full of hate - particularly against those who don't share their world-view.

Multiculturalists in government stifle or outlaw free speech, undermine democratic traditions, deliberately indoctrinate school students, falsify or misreport issues of public importance, and continuously carry out anti-White racism.

Multiculturalists in education and the media preach biased and distorted views of social issues, often putting forward twisted truths, lies, and half-lies in their attempts to brainwash their audiences, to spread their world-view wherever and whenever they can - no matter if truth, democracy, or integrity are the victims of their propaganda.

Multiculturalists in radical groups take to the streets as the storm troopers of the Multiculturalist Nazis, to harass, victimise, and bash their opponents. This goes on all the time, usually ignored by the Multiculturalist media, and only surfacing in rare events, such as during the violent victimisation of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

It is time for Australians to be shown that Multiculturalists are racist, evil, and genocidal; whilst Australian Nationalists are protectors of diversity of ethnicity, culture, and human rights.

Stand up to Multiculturalist intimidation and oppression

It is time to say to the Multiculturalists:

"Don't oppress my culture"

"Don't oppress my people"

Be proud to be an Australian

Take back the moral high ground!

Taking Back the Moral High Ground