Taking Back the Moral High Ground

Who are the real racists?

So, who are the real racists?

It is the Multiculturalists - they are the true racists in our society.

Cosmopolitan Multiculturalists, including - or traveling alongside - globalist Socialists and internationalist Capitalists, are the real racists. They push propaganda to denigrate and delegitimise White people, they support an ideology of racial assimilation that has the resulting long-term outcome of racial genocide against all human races, and they actively campaign (including to cheat, deceive, and lie) to bring about their racist, anti-diversity, Multiculturalist Reich.

Multiculturalists support anti-White racism.

Multiculturalists seek the genocide of the European Peoples.

Multiculturalists are evil, racist, and genocidal.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground