Taking Back the Moral High Ground

The "White Guilt Complex"

Whilst the "White Guilt Complex" is a common theme promoted by many Multiculturalist propagandists and activists, particularly with regard to the Australian Aborigines, it is worthwhile noting that there are Aborigines who condemn this emotional blackmail, such as Aboriginal spokesman Rodney Rivers.

    We do not hold or harbour grudges or ill feelings towards those who treated us unkindly in the past. They are forgiven. Certainly, we cannot condone what happened in the past - but neither can we condemn the innocent white race of today and try to force them to pay restitution for events they played no part in.

    Today's white Australians should not be compelled by a minority of Aborigines to pay for the atrocities of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The minority activists and radical groups in Perth, the Northern Territory and the eastern states do not portray nor exhibit the lifestyle and characteristics of true full-blood Aborigines.

    ...activists who run to Libya and the United Nations for sympathy and hold land rights marches in Australia and in London have given the international public a false image of Australian Aborigines. Most of these activists are part-Aborigine and part-Caucasian and they should not speak for the tribal, full-blood Aborigine.

    White Australians must be careful not to don yokes of guilt, concerning events that happened in a bygone era, which the land rights activists are so determined to place upon them.

Nonetheless, creating a "White Guilt Complex" is central to many Multiculturalist campaigns and Aboriginal "land rights" campaigns. Some lobbyists may claim that they are out to create a climate of "justice", that they are not seeking to lay blame or guilt at the feet of White Australians, but this is not borne out by their actions and speeches, many of which are obviously aimed at creating a climate of guilt.

Hugh Morgan

Mining industry leader Hugh Morgan has spelt out some of the problems involved.

    We are now dealing with a psychotic condition in which people feel guilty or are persuaded they ought to feel guilty for crimes they did not commit, could not have committed or were not committed at all.

    Australians are persuaded to feel guilty - terribly guilty - for being alive and enjoying the benefits of civilised society.

    And this psychosis has captured the High Court.

Many diatribes talk of the fault for various Aboriginal problems as lying with White Australians or "non-Aboriginal Australians". Any claim that someone's problems are your fault is obviously aimed at making you feel guilty.

As a typical example, we need look no further than the speeches of Paul Keating when he was Prime Minister. Quotes from Keating's speech at the Australian launch of the 1993 International Year of the World's Indigenous People in December 1992 at Redfern Park are quite instructive as an example of trying to lay a guilt-trip on people.

    Isn't it reasonable to say that if we can build a prosperous and remarkably harmonious multicultural society in Australia, surely we can find just solutions to the problems which beset the first Australians, the people to whom the most injustice has been done.

    And, as I say, the starting point might be to recognise that the problem starts with us non-Aboriginal Australians.

    It begins, I think, with that act of recognition.

    Recognition that it was we who did the dispossessing.

    We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life.

    We brought the diseases. The alcohol.

    We committed the murders.

    We took the children from their mothers.

    We practiced discrimination and exclusion.

    It was our ignorance and our prejudice.

Paul Keating

Keating uses the phrase "non-Aboriginal Australians", although he is quite clearly referring to "White Australians". Does anyone truly believe that he is laying the blame for Aboriginal problems at the feet of new citizens, such as West African immigrants or Vietnamese refugees?

To attribute various "anti-Aboriginal" acts to all White Australians, as Keating did in his speech, is to blame and slander people entirely on the basis of their racial background - this is out and out racism.

The White 90 year old, the White 40 year old, the White teenager, the White baby born yesterday: all of these people are blamed and held responsible for alleged events and actions over which they had no control.

Blaming "White people" in general for anything is as ridiculous as those who hold all Jews responsible for the death of Christ, or as ridiculous as holding a man responsible for the supposed crimes of his grandfather.

To tell young White people, who weren't alive in 1788, let alone in 1988, that they are responsible for alleged actions against Aborigines is not just ridiculous - to talk of anything being the fault of “White people” in general, as a collective group, is utter racism.

Following campaigns by the media and academia, White Australians are made to feel guilty for various claims regarding Aboriginal Australians, whether it is the "stolen generation", deaths in custody, or White massacres of Blacks. They are encouraged to feel responsible for claimed versions of events that are beyond their control or before their time. They are encouraged or harangued to sign "Sorry books" for actions towards Aborigines that they had nothing to do with, and of which they have never been fully informed of all sides of the story. Such propaganda is all part of an ideological push to create a "White Guilt Complex" in the psychology of White people worldwide.[114]

Somehow, journalists and teachers have forgotten to give equally prominent publicity to similar claims regarding the "stolen generations" of Whites, White deaths in custody, and Aboriginal massacres of Whites (and Chinese). Of course, Australians should realise that these journalists and teachers didn't forget, they are just not interested in such issues or in giving balanced reporting. Most people in the media and academia are devout Multiculturalists who treat the newspapers, television stations, and classrooms, not as places for imparting truth, but as places for propagandising, to push their own political and social views.

Stories that do not fit into the Multiculturalist world-view are either vilified or ignored – events and stories that suit the Multiculturalist agendas are pushed ad nauseum, whilst the other sides of the those issues rarely see the light of day or merely gain a footnote whilst the propaganda piece gets the front page (or centre stage, so to speak).

Strangely, Whites in Australia are not only meant to feel "guilty" for events in this country, but are also encouraged to feel remorse over issues in other White countries. The story of Black slavery in the United States of America is often referred to by Multiculturalists in text books and on television, yet the equally large issue of White slavery in the USA and Europe is hardly ever talked about in schools or shown on TV.

It is time for all Australians of European backgrounds to shrug off the mind baggage of the "White Guilt Complex" It is a concept of emotional blackmail that relies upon historical half-truths, fabrications, and faulty logic.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground