Taking Back the Moral High Ground

It's not racist, unless you're White

When is racism not racism? When it's directed against White people.

The tactics of Multiculturalists include many double standards. Not that they would care, as long as it benefits them.

Multiculturalists have established one standard for White people, and another for non-White people - a tactic that is racist and discriminatory.

A situation that many people have complained about over the years is that by Multiculturalist standards it is alright (in the media, schools, etc.) for people to proclaim "I'm Aboriginal and proud of it", "I'm Asian and proud of it", or "I'm Black and proud of it", whereas to say "I'm White and proud of it" will immediately bring condemnation from the media and politicians.

"Black pride" and "Black Power" have often been portrayed as fine, upstanding, and noble concepts in the media, whereas "White pride" and "White Power" have been condemned as racist concepts.

There have existed in the past, and still in the present, various government benefits that are only available to Aborigines, such as extra funding for students, cheap housing loans, and employment preferences.

When Pauline Hanson commented on the inequalities of the different benefits available to Aborigines and White Australians, she was called a "racist" and vilified in the media. However, when Pauline released research in June 1996, proving that what she said was true, the response from the Multiculturalist newspapers and current affairs shows was silence.

Pauline Hanson's media release, "A comparison of benefits available to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians", later published in the book Pauline Hanson: The Truth, showed the racist discrimination being practiced with regard to student allowances, home loans, and public service employment opportunities.[108]

While there are some cheap housing loans available to military personnel (no matter whether White, Aboriginal, or of any other race), there are no housing loans available to Whites in the general public on the basis of race these have only been made available to Aborigines.

While a wide-ranging study has not been made of the level of discrimination against Whites in government jobs in Australia, there are many examples of this insipid discrimination. Jobs are advertised with the notation "Essential: Aboriginality" or with the phrase "Only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to apply". Of course, there also are other government advertisements that state "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply", leaving open the question as to whether people of European background would get an equal hearing for employment.[109]

There are many Aboriginal families that are seemingly locked into what used to called the "cycle of poverty"; however, this situation applies to many poor White families as well, but they are locked out from special government funding simply because they do not belong to "the right racial group".

When non-Whites are discriminated against, it's called "racism". When Whites are discriminated against, it's called "affirmative action", "minority preferences", or "reverse racism". However, it should be obvious to any fair-minded person that racism is racism, no matter whether it is against a White person or a Black person.

Multiculturalists never call a spade a spade. They hide their racism under bureaucrat-speak and "politically correct" gobbledygook. The closest parallel to this distortion of truth and language is located in George Orwell's book 1984. However, make no mistake about this situation - no matter how it is dressed up, disguised, or rationalised, racism against White people is racism. Full stop. No doubts. No excuses.

Generalised comments against various different racial groups are condemned in the media and by Multiculturalists in general.

    "Asians eat dogs" is racist.

    "Tribal Black societies were cannibals" is racist.

However, generalised comments against one particular racial group seems to be alright.

    "Whites are responsible for the plight of the Aborigines" is acceptable.

    "Whites stole the land from the natives" is acceptable.

The above statement against White people can freely be used regarding the plight of Indians-Negroes-Eskimos-[insert your favourite non-white racial group here], as European people are fair game for slander, no matter what continent they live on. It's just more anti-White racism.

Any statements made that are critical of Aboriginal culture are commonly denounced as unfeeling or racist, whilst statements critical of White Australian culture are accepted as par for the course.

In The Age newspaper, Aboriginal director and playwright Richard Walley has been quoted as denouncing Australian culture as "second-rate",

    Our culture is Australia's culture; the only culture in Australia is Aboriginal culture - everything else is a second-rate import.[110]

Walley's anti-White statement was reported without editorial comment, whereas the reverse being reported without comment is extremely unlikely. If a White playwright described Aboriginal culture as "second-rate" then the screams from the media of "Racism!" would have been deafening.

Examples of anti-White items are "White Men Can't Jump" (movie title), "Stupid White Men" (book title), and disrespectful references to the founders of Western society as "Dead White Guys". Similar examples would not be tolerated by the media if they referred to non-Whites, but somehow in a Multiculturalist society these things are fine. Why? It's because the ideology of Multiculturalism is, in practice, racist against Whites.

Can you imagine the response if a book was printed with the title "Stupid Black Men"?

Taking Back the Moral High Ground