Taking Back the Moral High Ground

Anti-White racism

Anti-White racism is a worldwide phenomena. The adherents of Multiculturalism have allowed, and even encouraged, racism and hatred against Whites, as well as creating an atmosphere of double-standards against the interests of White people, often hinging upon the Multiculturalist-created psychosis of the White Guilt Complex.

Anti-White racism is generally quite acceptable in the media. David Horowitz has pointed out the imbalance of tolerance of attacks upon those who use "hate speech". While Horowitz's comments are placed in the context of the USA, the anti-White imbalance that he refers to exists in most, if not all, modern White nations, attached as they are to the ideological output of America.

Anti-White racism is exposed in
Hating Whitey by David Horowitz

    The fact is that it is not okay in America to hate blacks, but it is okay in our politically correct culture to hate white people. Entire academic departments and college curricula are based on this idea. White people are the oppressors of minority communities and cultures. That is Americas true legacy. There is even an academic field of "whiteness studies" to parallel black studies and womens studies. But the parallel is an inverted one. Blacks are celebrated in black studies and women are championed in womens studies. But whiteness studies (notice how the adjective has been modified) are devoted to the subject of how whites construct the idea of race to enable them to oppress others. Whiteness-studies academics have their own magazine published out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, site of Harvard and MIT and one of the most liberal communities in America. The name of the magazine is Race Traitor, and its motto proclaims "Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity." Under the influence of the left, our universities have become purveyors of racial poisons, but the rest of the country cannot notice this, because the targets of the hatred, whites, are not politically correct victims.[95]

    The same epidemic of politically correct, anti-white attitudes pervades local governments and law enforcement authorities... Why should these facts surprise anyone, when everyone knows that it is politically correct to hate white people in America? Hatred of whites is a well-developed intellectual doctrine at our nation's most prestigious universities and law schools - whole faculties are devoted to it. Hatred of whites is widely taught in our nation's schools, where they are portrayed as history's racists and oppressors. It is inscribed in our nation's laws, which provide racial privileges and racial protections for those whose skin color is any shade but white. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party campaigns to ensure that hate crimes are identified in the public mind exclusively with straight white males.[96]

    In recent decades, anti-white racism has, in fact, become a common currency of the "progressive" intelligentsia. Examples range from Communist Professor Angela Davis, whose ideological rants are routinely laced with racial animosity, and who recently told an audience of undergraduates at Michigan State a la Farrakhan that the number-one problem in the world was white people, to Nobel laureate Toni Morrison whose boundless suspicions of white America amount to a demonization almost as intense as Elijah Muhammad's.

    ...The left's war against "whiteness," and against America's democratic culture in the 1990s is integrally connected to the Cold War that America fought against the Marxist empire after World War II. It is in many respects the Cold War come home. The agendas of contemporary leftists are merely updated versions of the ideas and agendas of the Marxist left that once supported the Communist empire. The same radicals who launched the social and political eruptions of the 1960s have now become the politically correct faculties of American universities. With suitable cosmetic adjustments, the theories, texts (and even leaders) of this left display a striking continuity with the radicalism of thirty and sixty years ago. Their goal remains the destruction of America's national identity, and, in particular, of the moral, political and economic institutions that form its social foundation.

In the media, anti-Black "hate crimes" are widely reported and publicised, whilst anti-White "hate crimes" are largely ignored and swept under the carpet.[98] Anti-White lyrics in Black music are also ignored.[99]

A White professor at Harvard University, Noel Ignatiev, published an article in 2002 entitled "Abolish the white race - by any means necessary" in which he stated "The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race" and "we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed - not 'deconstructed' but destroyed". This was quite acceptable to Harvard University, as it was presented as an attack on the cultural idea of "whiteness"; of course, if someone were to publish an article entitled "Abolish the black race" there would be an enormous Multiculturalist outcry, no matter if it was regarding a cultural idea or not.[100] Such anti-White racism is similar to Susan Sontag's perverse claim that "the white race is the cancer of history".[101]

Paul Craig Roberts, in "Genocide in the Classroom" has recognised that anti-White racism is being taught in centres of education This applies especially in the USA, but also in other predominantly White countries where the ideology of Multiculturalism has taken hold of the reins of power.

    Language was a prime factor in the murder of six million Jews by the National Socialists in Germany and sixty to eighty million "class enemies" by communists in Russia and China. Today similar language is being used in American colleges and universities to annihilate the history, culture, and self-esteem of white people.

    Halls of learning have become re-education camps where legions of "diversity educators" and "sensitivity trainers" strive to "get inside" the minds of white students and replace private conscience, identity and belief with group guilt Propaganda and emotional manipulation are used to teach whites to think the best about "people of color" and the worst about themselves. Whites are cold, logical, and distant ("ice people"). Blacks are warm, intuitive, empathetic, and spontaneous. Whites are relentlessly acquisitive. Blacks are in harmony with nature. Whites as a group use the "power structure" that they control to victimize blacks as a group.

    ... While teaching whites to hate themselves, "diversity educators" are simultaneously teaching "people of color" to hate whites for their racist oppression. The "privilege" of white skin can only be remedied by legal privileges for blacks thus, the necessity of racial quotas and affirmative action.

    In the re-education camps that masquerade as universities, it is an axiom that reverse discrimination is a myth. The discrimination that white students experience in university admissions and sensitivity training is not considered to be discrimination, but necessary re-education to rescue whites from impermissible ways of being.

    "Diversity educators" also deny that our culture is being Balkanized. What is really happening is that "evil racist white culture" is being stamped out, and whites are finding a new existence as allies of the oppressed. Once whiteness is extirpated, we will all be warm, intuitive, and love one another.

    ... Professor Kors, a brave man, reports that white students are experiencing the fate of Winston Smith, the fictional character in George Orwell's 1984 whose "false consciousness" must be purged to make him fit with the new society.

    Professor Kors says that the urge to "remold" whites has led re-educationists to pursue white students into "the ultimate refuges of self-consciousness, conscience and private beliefs" in an attempt to break down individual identity. Professor Kors does not say so, but this is genocide.

    ... It is extraordinary that white taxpayers and donors are pouring billions of dollars into re-education camps dedicated to the destruction of "white consciousness."

    ... Parents, donors and trustees need to find some courage before the Nazification of the universities is a fait accompli.

Whilst any White in the public arena would be crucified by the media for using the derogative terms "nigger" or "coon" about Blacks, those who use the derogative terms "redneck", "cracker" or "honky" for Whites can get away with it. Anti-White hate speech is mostly ignored by the media, and receives nowhere near the crucifying that is meted out to those who "dis" Blacks. "Redneck" jokes are viewed as "humour", whilst "Nigger" jokes are viewed as "racism" (although these terms can often be taken to be acceptable when used by a person identifiably belonging to the same racial-ethnic-class-ideological group).[103] The dangers of being labeled a racist, applicable to Whites more so than people of other racial backgrounds, can include being vilified by the media, being sacked, and having your business ruined. Jim Goad recognised this new weapon of Multiculturalism.

    Being called a racist can ruin a career just like communist blacklisting could destroy someone in the fifties.[104]

John Bennett, President of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, has exposed anti-White racism in the Civil Liberties publication Your Rights.

    Racism against whites and especially the Anglo Saxon majority of Australians is reflected in the anti-white bias in our immigration policy, the failure of the media to highlight Asian racism, the use of the media to ridicule and belittle our European heritage, the disproportionate use of Asians in photographs in mainstream newspapers such as The Sun, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and the use of special techniques directed only against whites to ensure racist immigrants (white) do not settle here.

    It is also reflected in the stacking of immigration advisory panels, immigration review Boards, anti-discrimination Boards, the Bureau of Immigration Research, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs with people who support the Asianization of Australia and who refuse to condemn Asian racism; the refusal of papers such as The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald to publish letters supporting a predominantly European immigration policy and the failure of leading spokesmen supporting a high level of Asian immigration and special measures against intending white immigrants from South Africa, to refer to Asian racism and black tribal racism and to call for the exclusion of racist Asians and black Africans as immigrants.

    The bias of the taxpayer funded Bureau of Immigration Research, whose members were appointed by the Government, was reflected in its choice of more than 80 speakers and panellists for a Conference on immigration in Melbourne on 14 November 1990. None of the speakers supported majority opinion on immigration. The Bureau is little more than a propaganda arm of the Government.

    One of the most common forms of racism in Australia is anti-white racism. Most of the anti-white racists who prefer Asians to whites as immigrants to Australia and who do not speak out against the racial immigration policies of China and Japan are themselves white. Anti-white racists have called for the Asianization of Australia and the elimination of the white race in Australia. ...Anti-white racists seem to apply different standards to Asians and whites - whites are expected to adhere to a "higher" standard. Asians who prefer their own kind (other Asians) are regarded by anti-white racists as "normal" while whites who prefer whites (but do not regard Asians as inferior) are regarded as racists.

    Some time ago the editor of the Financial Review stated there was a "conspiracy of silence on immigration matters. Certainly the government, of whichever party has not kept the public properly informed about changes in immigration policies, and the increasing percentage of immigrants from Asia. The media has censored arguments for a return to a predominantly European immigration policy and has either ignored or berated people seeking to express support for the views of Professor Geoffrey Blainey who has said the current level of Asian immigration is too high. Reports indicating that a majority of immigrants are now from Asia are given little prominence. The failure of multi-racial and multi-cultural societies overseas is generally downplayed. People who call for a reduction in Asian immigration are subjected to character assassination and are wilfully described as inciting racial hatred while the racist immigration policies of Asian countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia are accepted as normal.

Stephen Rimmer has revealed that the end reality of Multiculturalism (which is a racist anti-White ideology) is the eventual Asianisation of Australia.

    As part of Asianisation, Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy has been abandoned. Migrants and refugees are now selected on the basis of ethnicity.[106]

Various Liberal and Labor governments have believed it is quite acceptable to discriminate against White Australians. It has been exposed how "European immigrants are actually discriminated against and are discouraged from migrating to Australia".[107]

Multiculturalists use "land rights" as an anti-White tactic

It is interesting to note that most of those Multiculturalists who advocate "land rights" for Aborigines also advocate mass immigration or an Asian future for Australia (in the long-term, mass immigration equates to an Asian future). Looking at Asian countries, it should be very clear that in an Australia run by Asians that the needs of business and economics are going to far overshadow the needs of Aborigines, much more so than now. There is much truth in the phrase used by Nationalists in the 1990s, "No land rights in an Asian Australia".

Multiculturalists are not interested in a People's right to their land; unless it is for a non-White people, of course. In post-colonial countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA, they say "Give the land back to the original inhabitants", whereas in Europe, where White people are the original inhabitants, they demand that immigration barriers be lifted to all and sundry, especially in favour of non-White Third-Worlders.

Multiculturalists claim to be interested in indigenous land claims or fool themselves that they are; but they do not apply this same principle to Europeans in Europe. Why? Because they are racists, they deliberately discriminate against White people. In fact, they are the worst kind of racist they proclaim the equality of all races but actually seek the destruction of all races instead, aiming for the creation of a raceless rootless mass of humanity: "coffee-coloured people by the score", as the song goes.

The interest of cosmopolitan Multiculturalists in indigenous land claims (only for non-White people) is driven by two main factors: the White Guilt Complex and a misguided seeking of a coffee-coloured "brotherhood of man".

The Multiculturalists are more than happy to preach in favour of Third World population invasions of Europe's homelands, whilst at the same time bemoaning the presence of Europeans in ex-colonial lands. In the meantime, they will continue to practice anti-White racism, because it suits their racist and genocidal ideology.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground