Taking Back the Moral High Ground

Multiculturalists advocate genocide

    Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out.
    ~ Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983) [71]

Endangered species: White people
We should consider yet another serious question regarding genocide:
    "Would it be a good thing to eliminate the European population of Australia by swamping the nation with Third World immigration, or is genocide by assimilation a bad thing?"

Genocide by assimilation of the European population in Australia can succeed, not because it is popularly desired (it is not), but because it is a matter of numbers, of the European population being gradually outnumbered. Genocide by assimilation is enabled via several factors:

  • High rates of immigration from the Third World, especially Asia (deliberately encouraged by Multiculturalists and the federal government).

  • High birth rates of those from Third World backgrounds (a fact well-known to Multiculturalists and the federal government).

  • Lower birth rates of those from British/European backgrounds (a fact well-known to Multiculturalists and the federal government, and encouraged by high rates of taxation).

  • Inter-racial marriages. A rate of say 5%, increasing proportionately over generations, will eventually lead to the genocide of the Australian People.

In Australia, as in many other European countries, genocide is a simple question of mathematics, combined with the propaganda and genocidal intent of Multiculturalists.

When Multiculturalists refer to their desire for "coffee-colored people by the score", they are referring to their desire for the genocide of all distinct human races; this is the evil "Final Solution" of the Multiculturalists. The idiocy, or rather, the evil of Multiculturalists is that they promise diversity by mixing all cultures, ethnic groups, and races together whereas this is something which could only lead, in the long-term, to a single culture, a single ethnic group, a single race. Apparently, Multiculturalists think that it is a great idea for everyone in the world to look the same, to belong to just one ethnic group these people are the enemies of diversity. Contrary to what they preach, in the long term Multiculturalism will not lead to cultural diversity, but will instead bring an end to cultural diversity. No doubt, it was this realisation that produced the 1980s anti-Multiculturalism slogan, "Multiculturalism means no culture".[72]

Nationalism = Diverse groups = DIVERSITY

Multiculturalism = Melting Pot = NO DIVERSITY

Dr John Dique, in his 1985 book Immigration: The Quiet Invasion accused the Australian government of the genocide of its White population.

    Although the Government has followed United Nations dictums and sent representatives to attend and sign various Conventions, one item seems to have escaped its notice. That referring to Genocide.

    The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was approved and proposed for signature and ratification or accession by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 260A (111) of December 9th, 1948. Article 11 states - In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national ethical, racial or religious group as such: this has five items and the items of particular interest are (b) (c) and (d) all five items are as under:

      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

    The repeated objections to Government on immigration policies, the repeated demands for a national referendum on immigration, the complete failure of Government to accede to these demands, trauma which people suffer when they see that a country which been settled and developed by their kith and kin is being deliberately infiltrated by alien races by their own representatives; undoubtedly caused mental harm to many people in this country. Item (b) refers.

    The policy of deliberate overtaxation which has been practised, which is responsible for rising inflation, falling marriages and births has already been covered. Although this matter has been brought to the attention of Parliamentarians and others and published evidence exists in the library in Parliament, the policy continues. As the birth rate fell, an expensive programme of immigration in which alien peoples have been introduced, has been launched. This is in effect an attempt to replace one ethnic group with other ethnic groups, all at the expense of the European group. Item (c) refers.

    (d) for many years various people, mostly in Government, have advocated Zero Population Growth and promoted birth control. ...At about the same time as Dr William McBride (who unravelled the thalidomide mystery) was expressing alarm at the decreasing Birth Rate in Australia, the Government was actively pursuing a programme of increasing the Asian intake of immigrants and Dr Malcolm Potts was advocating abortions as a means of "fertility control".

    ...The results of the policy of deliberately reducing one population while introducing other ethnic groups had not passed un-noticed.

    ...Consideration of the above indicates that a policy has been followed for which the charge of genocide is not unreasonable, whether deliberate and intentional or not; particularly as what was happening was well known in the entire community.

Multicultural Nazis support anti-White genocide
Multiculturalist media peddle anti-White propaganda

The Menace of Multiculturalism has a chapter "The Great "Utopia" (Where the Logic of "Multiculturalism" Would Eventually Lead Us)", which expounds on the horror of a raceless and cultureless multicultural future.

    Ethnic integration eventually becomes total integration. With no ethnic base to support cultural traditions, all cultures merge; this means that while many cultural traits survive, in a conglomerate style, most cultural traditions totally vanish.

    Just as has happened with cultural mergers in the past: unique cultures and languages are lost forever, existing only in the records and archives of academia.

    Thanks to centuries of modern travel technology, ever-flowing very easy mass migration, and world-wide communications systems, the entire planet becomes the domain of the modern technological consumer society miracle: the teeming masses of the United Nations' stylised "brown man".

The Multiculturalists, with their vision of a future Utopia, peopled by their new coffee-colored Master Race, show themselves to be sick, evil genocidalists - intent on the destruction of the bio-diversity of humanity.

To quote Aboriginal leader Mick Dodson, "assimilation is genocide".[75]

Australian patriots fought the authoritarian Nazis in the Second World War, and now we have to fight the authoritarian Multicultural Nazis; however, this time it is a fight for the very survival of our People, a fight for the right of our People to live, a fight against genocide.

Anyone who promotes genocide is evil. Genocide by annihilation or genocide by assimilation means the same thing the death of a People.

The Asianisation of Australia

Stephen Rimmer has revealed the end reality of multiculturalism as that of the eventual Asianisation of Australia:

    Multiculturalism serves as a cloak for the undeclared policy of Asianisation which involves linking Australia economically, ethnically and culturally with the nations of North-East Asia. As part of Asianisation, Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy has been abandoned. Migrants and refugees are now selected on the basis of ethnicity.[76]

Australia's most respected demographic expert, Charles Price, has published his projections:

    the year 2020 would see some 2.7 million persons of unmixed Asian origin and about 3.9 million persons of part Asian ancestry; a Total Descent figure of 6.6 million persons of whole or part Asian origin; that is, 26.7% of the total Australian population.[77]

Philip Ruthven

Phillip Ruthven, Director of Ibis Business Information, has forecast a "neo-Eurasian nation" by 2010, turning "Eurasian" by mid-century, and becoming "Asian" at the end of the century.[78]

Various Establishment politicians, from both sides of the political fence, have revealed their support for the Asianisation or Eurasianisation of Australia (Eurasianisation is merely a stepping stone towards Asianisation).

John Gorton (Liberal Party), when Prime Minister, said in 1971,

    I think if we build up gradually inside Australia a proportion of people without white skins, then there will be a complete lack of consciousness that it is being built up... and that we will arrive at a state where we will have a multi-racial country without racial tensions - and perhaps the first in the world.[79]

Bill Hayden (Labor Party), when Foreign Minister, revealed his views in 1983.

    Australia is changing. We're an anomaly as a European country in this part of the world. There's already a large and growing Asian population in Australia and it is inevitable in my view that Australia will become a Eurasian country... I happen to think that's desirable. That means we are becoming part of the mainstream of this region.

Bill Hayden further said that Australia,

    should welcome the process of gradually becoming a Eurasian-type society... we will become not just a multicultural society - which seems to me to be a soft sort of terminology anyway - we will become a Eurasian society and we will be all the better for it.[80]

John Bennett made an excellent point when he remarked

    Mr. Hayden said that it was inevitable and desirable that Australia become a Eurasian society in which whites are eliminated by intermarriage. Can you imagine Mr. Hayden going to China and advocating that China become Eurasian through intermarriage between Chinese and Europeans?[81]

If Australians were to advocate the disappearance of the Chinese by calling for them to become Eurasian (or even African-Asian? Afrasian?), then the Chinese would be quite right to condemn such people as promoting anti-Chinese racism and genocide.

The realities of Asianisation have previously been exposed.

    Long-term estimation of the Asian-ethnic component of Australia's population is, of course, subject to many variable factors, such as rates of immigration, the Asian proportion of immigration, and the Asian-ethnic birthrate in Australia. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact estimate of Asian-ethnics in Australia for a date approximately 90 years away. However, we should bear in mind several relevant factors:

    1) The large Asian component of our immigration programme since the early 1980s.

    2) The high birthrate in Australia of Asian-ethnics (compared with European- ethnics).

    3) The major interlocking of our economy with the Asian region (which has been specifically and deliberately encouraged by successive Australian governments, both Labor and Liberal-National) - a bipartisan policy which is ongoing.

    4) The Establishment's ideological attachment to mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

    Following consideration of the above factors, any realistic person can see that the Australian Establishment is leading us into a future situation where eventually Australia will have a population where the majority will be of Asian-ethnic background; whether fully Asian or part-Asian (Eurasian).

    To those who would deny this, the following question could be posed:

    "Is likely that in the future, the majority of the population in Australia will eventually be of Asian/Eurasian background?"

    The answer to this question will invariably be "yes" (especially when asking anyone who is aware of Australia's current political and demographic trends). Indeed, anyone who answers "no" must surely either be ignorant, or a complete and utter liar.

    The answers given to the above question in themselves should be proof of the fact that most people know where Australia's Establishment is leading us (although most may be too scared or apathetic to show opposition in public); it is a proof of the "Asianisation of Australia".

Multiculturalist authoritarian Nazism and
Multiculturalist anti-White genocide:
Strange bedfellows, or two sides of the same coin?

The Asianisation of Australia means the genocide of the Australian people:

    Australia is currently undergoing an ideologically-driven process whereby European Australians are being reduced to an eventual minority by an ongoing influx of non-Europeans and the resulting growth of the population base of those non-Europeans. The background of these non-Europeans being primarily Asian; but also African, and even Central and South American).

    Those who quibble about what is the exact number of Asians in Australia are missing the most important point: that we face the deliberate de-Europeanisation of Australia, and that it matters not whether the non-European influx (and the resulting population growth) is Asian, African, or whatever; as the "swamping" of Australia from any or all of these sources will lead to the same end: the destruction of Australia's European civilisation. However, it must be recognised that Asianisation is the major part of this de-Europeanisation of Australia. Of course it is a fact, as is sometimes pointed out, that Asia is not one monolithic entity - it comprises many countries and many cultures; but that is irrelevant insofar as to whether the massive influx of Asians into Australia are carrying with them a single culture or a myriad of cultures; the point remains simply this: that a massive influx of Asians will decimate Australia's national identity, culture, and way of life.

    It must also be recognised that Asianisation is more than just an issue of demographics: the Asianisation of Australia encompasses the economic, political, cultural, and demographic integration of Australia into Asia (economics playing a large part in the ideological rationale of many in politics and business who favour Asianisation).

    What we face is a "peaceful" demographic invasion of Australia by the populations of Asia (and to a lesser extent, by the populations of the rest of the Third World). This involves a similar principle to the situation facing Tibet, West New Guinea (West Irian), and East Timor. The Chinese have begun a huge influx of Chinese into Tibet, and the Indonesians have also begun a large influx of Indonesians into West Irian and East Timor - situations which will result in damage to (and quite possibly the eventual destruction of) the identity, culture, and way of life of the Tibetans, West Irians, and East Timorese.

    Many people on the world stage have loudly opposed the demographic destruction (or genocide) of Tibet. In the same way, we have the right to oppose the demographic destruction of Australia; therefore, we have a democratic and a moral right to oppose the Asianisation of Australia.

    The Asianisation of Australia means the genocide of the Australian people. The advent of Australia as an Asian or Eurasian country will mean the end of our national identity, our cultural identity, and our way of life. That this is a matter of genocide against the Australian people is beyond doubt. As Malcolm Fraser has written,

      "Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out."

    This certainly applies to the de-Europeanisation of Australia, of which the Asianisation of Australia is the central plank.[83]

The Asianisation of Australia is nothing more than anti-European genocide.

At the present time, people of European racial background make up approximately 8% of the world's population, and that figure is shrinking. Even though Europeans are one of the world's three primary racial groups, we are now an endangered sub-species. Yet media publicity of racial and cultural extinction is almost always focused upon non-European ethnicities. We Europeans are a racial minority in the world! As a minority group, like any other, we have a natural right to ensure our own cultural and racial survival. Any Multiculturalist who disputes this natural right, for our people to simply survive, is a racist (a real one).

Taking Back the Moral High Ground