Taking Back the Moral High Ground

General Multicultural indoctrination

Multiculturalism expounds its propaganda not only through the schools, but via other mediums as well.

In 1985, The Sydney Morning Herald exposed the fact that "The Department of Immigration had a plan to feed themes sympathetic to immigrants into popular television soap operas".[54]

The anti-democratic nature of such a proposal has been previously pointed out,

    The intent was (and is) to use television as a propaganda tool for the promotion of Australia's "Asian Future" and to try to create an atmosphere of acceptance for the increasing Asian proportion of our population… Australians can only wonder as to what other amazing plans the Department of Immigration, and other government departments, have "cooked up" in order to indoctrinate and "brainwash" the public into accepting Asianisation and Multiculturalism.[55]

Also, Graeme Campbell and Mark Uhlmann have revealed that,

    In every university there is a section which acts as a propaganda unit for both immigration and multiculturalism and is well funded by the government. Multiculturalists are clearly one of the country's privileged elites. All of these bodies can be said to duplicate the function of the BIPR and OMA. Where there is any fault to be found in immigration matters such bodies invariably find it to lie with the host population. Where education is necessary, it is of the hosts and not the newcomers. Funded at taxpayers' expense, these bodies continue to stereotype and attack Australians of Anglo-Celtic descent and other "old" Australians, who regard themselves as Australian first and foremost.[56]

The Bureau of Immigration Research (later known as the Bureau of Immigration and Population Research) along with other bodies such as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, were simply organisations set up as government propaganda units promoting immigration and Multiculturalism. Mark O'Connor in his book on immigration and environmentalism, This Tired Brown Land, condemned the BIR for its biased propaganda role.

    The BIR conducted annual conferences on immigration. Before one of them the then Minister for Immigration, Senator Nick Bolkus, ordered that certain critics of the level of immigration be dropped from the list of speakers. This order was obeyed. The senior officers of the Department of Immigration were equally vulnerable. During the Labor years a permanent head (Ron Brown) and two deputies or assistant secretaries were removed after coming under direct pressure from ethnic lobbyists. None of these had done anything wrong; they had simply become unpopular with the lobby for trying to carry out cabinet's instructions.

    ...Another problem was the BIR's relationship to the various centres for immigration studies that were set up under strong political influence during the Hawke years, and often staffed by advocates of high-immigration. Much of their research was one-sided and grievance-orientated. ...Research likely to be critical of high-immigration was rarely commissioned. When it slipped through, it was not publicised.

Multiculturalist television propaganda is rampant in fictional television shows, largely as an American phenomena, but aired on Australian television stations. Such propaganda is usually expressed in one of several identifiable ways:

    1) Anti-White propaganda, whereby White racial patriots are portrayed as rednecks, stupid, and/or violent; whereas Black racial patriots are portrayed as determined, clever, and/or righteous.

    2) The hugely disproportionate use of inverse racial stereotypes, whereby Blacks disproportionately fulfill positive leadership roles (judges, police chiefs, and doctors are common roles for such "positive reinforcement" propaganda). Whereas Blacks in the USA (approximately 12% of the population) are only a small minority in such leadership roles, on television their filling of such roles doubles or triples. Not an outrageously bad thing, but a clear indication of the pervasiveness of Multiculturalist propaganda on TV.

    3) Concentrating on victims of so-called "racism", at the expense of all other victims. A theme constantly referred to in Hollywood television shows is that of "racist" genocide carried out by the German Nazis against Jews (actually, it should be more properly termed religious genocide); whereas, the more prevalent genocide carried out by Communist or Socialist regimes are virtually ignored by Hollywood (for some reason, the Nazi genocide against Gypsies is also largely ignored by Hollywood). Genocide against Armenians in Turkey, Kurds in Iraq, Ukranians in the USSR, etc., get almost no attention from Hollywood. It has been theorised that this propaganda emphasis is aimed at delegitimising debate regarding race and immigration. Of course, rather than being connected to race, the actions of the Nazis are more related to the historic teachings of the Church against Jews. Whilst there is nothing wrong with attacking the genocidal practices of the German Nazis, it is wrong if it is being callously used as a Multiculturalist propaganda weapon.[58]

Multiculturalist propaganda is also seen on Australian-produced television, though mainly via "news" and "current affairs" shows.

Mark O'Connor, former vice-president of Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population, has pointed to the bias of the news media when it came to immigration issues (concentrating on the ABC network).

    There is something deeply wrong in the culture of some parts of the ABC's news and current affairs sections. This has amounted to a failure to present either news or public policy debates fairly and objectively when they relate to the issues of population, immigration and economics.

    ...We have an immigration policy that is environmentally, economically and morally a shambles, and which the Australian electorate has overwhelmingly rejected in all the opinion polls. Yet you could tune in to a whole year of the ABC's TV 'News' and '7.30 Report' and discover only that our high immigration policy is good and inevitable, and that anyone who questions it is probably a secret member of the Hitler Youth League. The vast majority of Australians who oppose high immigration are misrepresented by ABC 'News' as a small and suspect minority. The tiny minority who endorse it are falsely represented as responsible mainstream opinion.

    ...Much as the two major parties have a bipartisan agreement to maintain high immigration-in fact currently the world's second highest per capita rate-the media, including even the supposedly independent ABC, co-operate by suppressing most elements of the debate. …during the years when Australia's per capita migrant intake was the highest of the world's 200-plus countries, no one succeeded in mentioning this fact on any of ABC TV's several news or current affairs …Yet precious air-time was repeatedly given to propagandists claiming that our 'shamefully low immigration quotas' were proof of 'racism'.

    ...Even better than suppression was distraction. A favourite tactic was to argue that since Geoffrey Blainey or Pauline Hanson or some other bête noire would not like high immigration, therefore the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Australians must be ignored. (Logicians sometimes call this the Hitler's Dog Fallacy: 'Hitler loved dogs. I hate Hitler. Therefore I must hate dogs ... Hitler particularly loved children. I hate Hitler. Therefore ...').

    Among its many acts of censorship, ABC TV News suppressed the fact that the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Democrats had long been calling for zero net migration. They also ignored the installation of Labor's 'environmentally responsible' Population Policy-a major innovation-at its Hobart National Conference in 1998. Yet as soon as the One Nation party announced a zero net migration policy, the ABC joined in citing it as evidence of 'racism'.

Multiculturalist television propaganda, although morally wrong, is a powerful tool used to subtly brainwash and indoctrinate the Australian public.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground