Taking Back the Moral High Ground

The Multiculturalist indoctrination of school students

The "brainwashing" of students into the ideology of Multiculturalism is an ongoing process in our nation's education system.

Anti-racism: A handbook for Adult Educators
[teaching brainwashing of students]

The process of the Multiculturalists' "shaping of minds" has previously been exposed.

    Trainee teachers are unofficially screened for so-called "racist" views (the same often applies to other positions within the public service). Teachers are also well-trained in Multiculturalism, and are encouraged to promote internationalism; both philosophies which have only one end for Australia: Asianisation. To this end, teachers are "armed" by internal training sessions, special journal articles, and even entire books (for example, Anti-Racism: A Handbook for Adult Educators, The Prejudice Book: Activities For the Classroom, and Combating Prejudice In Schools: An Inservice Guide For Schools and Teacher Training Institutions), all of which have been developed to help brainwash students (euphemistically called "shaping students' attitudes") into the doctrine of Multiculturalism (and hence, our "Asian Future"). Many materials have been produced to this end, such as a kit called Teaching For Human Rights: Activities For Schools (produced by the Human Rights Commission), as well as a six-part TV series, The Migrant Experience, which comes with a Teacher's Guide and is regarded as "Suitable for History, English, Social Studies and topic-based Economics at a wide variety of levels" - proving that teachers seize upon the opportunity to preach multiculturalism in a whole range of classes.[45]

The Australian experience is following upon the heels of American-style indoctrination of students, a form of brainwashing dressed up as "anti-racism education" or "cultural diversity awareness education".[46]

At the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission's 2001 conference in Newcastle various techniques for pushing Multiculturalism in schools were put forward, including the open advocating of screening teachers for their racial views.

    Participants believed that as well as changes to the curriculum, there is also a need to deal with the racist culture in many schools among teachers and students. Structurally the dominance of 'white culture' in schools needs to be challenged. There is a need for appropriate teacher training about racism and Indigenous issues. Some participants suggested the development of a mechanism to assess prospective teachers' attitudes about racial issues and to incorporate ongoing education about racism into the department's procedures for managing the performance and training of teachers.[47]

Multiculturalist teachers use a number of propaganda tactics to propagate the Multiculturalist world-view amongst students, ranging from somewhat overt propaganda via teaching (one sided brainwashing) regarding immigration, Multiculturalism, and "racism", to subtly covert propaganda such as games and competitions. The NSW Department of Education and Training recommends a "comprehensive range of anti-racism education resources", including:

  • games, activities and competitions for students
  • lesson ideas and fact sheets for teachers to use in the classroom
  • strategies for countering racism at the systemic, school and individual level
  • information on anti-racism education programs in schools across Australia [48]

Advocating "countering racism" or "fighting racism" is not so much about opposing instances of alleged "racial discrimination"; rather, it is widely used as code for "promoting Multiculturalism".

Anyone who thinks that Multiculturalist education systems give an unbiased view of social issues, presenting all sides of issues, must be kidding themselves. Multiculturalist education is designed to give students proper access to the one point of view - the Multiculturalist view. Any opposing viewpoint is either ignored, or is published within textbooks written by Multiculturalists, so that the opposing view is often misrepresented, twisted, or quoted out of context. When it comes to Nationalism, Multiculturalist teachers will often point to "extremist" material or to "racist" material that is half a century or more old, ignoring the modern Nationalist writings that present a viable world-view in opposition to Multiculturalism.

The fact that the modern education system teaches students Multiculturalism in all subject areas, in a constant manner, (along with a mass media pushing a similar ideological viewpoint) equates to a system of ideological brainwashing. Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle, sometimes stupid, sometimes clever, but always brainwashing, no matter which way you look at it.

Multiculturalist propaganda is carried out at all levels of schooling, beginning - in true brainwashing fashion - with the indoctrination of children as young as five and six, in their Prep year. The Victorian Government, through the Department of Education & Training, has laid down an official policy for embedding the political ideology of Multiculturalism throughout all levels of schooling.

    The Multicultural Policy for Victorian Schools... sets as its prime target that by 2006, all students in Years Prep to 12 will have multicultural perspectives delivered across all eight key learning areas and incorporated into all aspects of school life.

    ...School charters should therefore reflect a school's commitment to multicultural education. To develop an ethos reflecting, responding to and valuing multiculturalism, schools need to ensure that the school's formal policies and practices are appropriate to the school community.

Victoria's "Multicultural policy for Victorian schools" reveals not only is it aware that education is being used as an instrument of shaping students attitudes into pro-Multiculturalism, but also outlines its methods for doing so:

    Schools play a very important role in the development of attitudes, values and critical thinking

    ...Multicultural education is not a part of the curriculum, in the way that Mathematics or Studies of Society and Environment are. It is a holistic approach to schooling that needs to permeate all parts of the curriculum and influence all school practices

    ...The primary target of this policy is to ensure that:

    By 2006 all students P12 will have multicultural perspectives delivered across all eight key learning areas (The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, LOTE, Mathematics, Science, Study of Society and Environment, and Technology) and incorporated into all aspects of school life.

    The following strategies will support the implementation of this target:

    That when the Board of Studies reviews the Curriculum and Standards Frameworks for all key learning areas in 2000, it incorporates appropriate multicultural perspectives in each key learning area.

    ... That negotiations be undertaken with tertiary institutions to ensure that preservice teacher training includes compulsory units designed to develop intercultural knowledge and awareness, and culturally-inclusive teaching skills, and that those units are well integrated in the overall course.

    ... That school sectors mount materials development workshops targeted at resources for integrating multicultural perspectives across all curriculum areas

    ... That schools be required to address the Multicultural Policy in their school charters

    ... That support documents be developed to help school principals and councils evaluate the school administrative processes and how they facilitate incorporating multicultural perspectives into school life.

    ...To develop a school ethos that reflects, responds to and values multiculturalism schools need to:

    • ... identify and counter cultural bias and prejudice in the practices of the school, in the materials used for teaching and learning, and in the value systems and attitudes that constitute the school's 'hidden' curriculum

    • ... ensure that the ethnic backgrounds of all students are acknowledged and appreciated, and that all students understand that their background is integral to Australian national identity

    • ... confront incidences of prejudice, racism and ethnic stereotyping, and deal with them overtly through facilitated interaction and negotiation

    • ... ensure the participation of culturally diverse staff in both formal and informal staff development activities

    • ... encourage all staff to undertake intercultural awareness inservice programs such as ESL in the Mainstream so that they become competent and confident in promoting multicultural values and attitudes [50]

A survey of school students revealed that many people, older male teenagers and young men in particular, hold views that are at odds with the government's stand on Multiculturalism. In a society that supposedly prides itself on tolerating differing views, one might assume that the study would accept their views as valid, as a differing viewpoint in society that is entitled to due respect and consideration. However, that is not the way of Multiculturalists; instead the recommendation of the report was that

    we need targeted, innovative educational programs to challenge these groups into reflecting about their thinking towards others who are different from them [51]

The report, entitled Love Thy Neighbours, further found that the students often defended their views by referring to their right to freedom of speech, and that this belief was a "major constraint" in getting these non-Multiculturalist students to change their views. Rivka Witenberg, co-author of the report, in a style typical of Multiculturalist fanatics, argued that the ideals of freedom of speech should not apply to those who opposed the world-view of the Multiculturalists.

    a logical reasonable understanding that freedom of speech needs to have some moral limits to it [52]

In other words, the Multiculturalists want to politically re-educate students, to brainwash them into the Multiculturalist way of thinking. They don't need specific "re-education camps", as all levels of schooling have Multiculturalist brainwashing as an integral part of their education planning ("shaping students attitudes" without the benefit of presenting opposing viewpoints).

Multiculturalists, like Communists and Nazis, so readily and easily believe that the right to freedom of speech doesn't really apply to their ideological opponents; after all, only their views are "logical", "reasonable", "correct", "progressive", etc., whilst surely anyone who opposes them must be "wrong", "unreasonable", "resistant to change", etc., and therefore loses their right to hold their views without attempted brainwashing, and should lose the right to state their case in public.

Those who publicly criticised the Establishment's ideology of Communism under the Stalinist regime were put in jail, those who publicly criticised the Establishment's ideology of Nazism under the Hitlerian regime were put in jail, and now those who criticise the Establishment's ideology of Multiculturalism and the Asianisation of Australia under the Multiculturalist regime are to be put in jail.

There is an inherent horror in having in places of power those who self-righteously consider only themselves to be right, whose mission it is to either brainwash or jail those peasants who dare disagree with their ideology. Students need not read about the history of the Spanish Inquisition, or refer to George Orwell's nightmare novel of Big Brother government in 1984, to see what the horrors of self-righteous power can bring, they need only look lift the veil of "nice" Multiculturalism to see that hiding behind the guise of the "beautiful bride" is the ugly hag of Multicultural Nazism.

With schools immorally pushing the political creed of Multiculturalism, dressed up as just another "nice" social theory, the Multiculturalists are bringing into being their own version of a new Hitler Youth, so that their brainwashed students can go forward, a new generation taking Australia by storm, goose-stepping into the new dawn of an Asian future.

It is in the school classrooms that a new war is being waged for the hearts and minds of Australia's youth. As one infamous Multiculturalist, Donald Horne, once stated:

    the great battles for multiculturalism must be fought in the schools.[53]

The Multiculturalists long ago decided to target the education system for their propaganda, and it is therefore essential that Nationalists campaign equally vigorously within the education system. As the Multiculturalists spread their insidious propaganda throughout all levels of education and amongst all age groups, so Nationalists must do the same.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground