Taking Back the Moral High Ground


The "industries" of media and education have been dominated by Multiculturalists and their fellow-travelers for many years. The predominance of Multiculturalists in these areas of social responsibility has led to a situation where the modern public forums, such as television and newspapers, constantly promote Multiculturalism and so-called liberal-cosmopolitanism, subtly and not so subtly.

Free speech abused, and under attack

The media and education systems portray themselves as presenting the truth and encouraging free debate, but nothing can be further from the truth.

  • Multiculturalist views are put forward with little or no criticism; opposing views are largely ignored or misrepresented. The internet is one of the few places where alternate views can be found, but even these sources are coming under attack.

  • Those who campaign against their policies, such as large-scale immigration, Multiculturalism, or Asianisation, are often persecuted and vilified by the media, have their livelihood threatened, and can be threatened with jail (under the guise of so-called "racial vilification" laws or other freedom-threatening legislation).

The zealots of Multiculturalism have a similar mentality as the religious fanatics of the Spanish Inquisition, who tortured innocent peasants and then burned them alive at the stake - all because these zealots considered that anyone who believed differently to them was a heretic and therefore evil, when all the time it was the torturers who were the evil ones. Nowadays, the high priests of Multiculturalism view the patriotic populace as heretics; these modern-day zealots attack anyone who opposes them; they reveal their narrow-minded bigoted views when they demand that Nationalists should be jailed, or "legally" burned, for speaking their minds, for defending their people.

Multiculturalists like to portray their ideology of Multiculturalism as fair and nice, but - in reality - it is an ideology of authoritarianism, lies, and hate.

Campaigns to create guilt

Several themes, or campaigns, are often repeated in the media as a way of creating "guilt" in the wider community, regarding minorities, thus reinforcing support for the Multiculturalist social agenda of building up disparate ethnic identities and tearing down the mainstream national identity.

Favoured themes range from the local Aboriginal "stolen generations" issue, and the ensuing "National Sorry Day" campaign, to the international issue of historical Black Slavery.

Media attention may focus on an alleged incident of 100 years ago, with such a theme as "Whites massacred Aborigines". The supposed perpetrators will be identified as "Whites", rather than as "farmers" or "locals". "Whites massacred Aborigines" is much more likely to create national guilt than "Locals massacred Aborigines".

Balanced reporting hardly exists in the Multiculturalist version of history. Little or nothing is mentioned about Aboriginal attacks upon Whites, or their massacring of Chinese prospectors. Stories of Aboriginal cannibalism and baby-killing are virtually ignored. Instead, the media concentrates on "White" misdeeds against Aborigines.

To further demonstrate that such stories seek to create wider guilt, and are not just stories of historical interest, we can compare such historical articles with modern articles, whereby journalists adhere to strict media guidelines of not placing "unnecessary emphasis" on racial backgrounds. Thus a media story "Asian gang hacked two Whites to death with machetes in Springvale last night" becomes "Street gang killed two youths last night"; whilst on the next page an article can bemoan what "Whites" did to Aborigines.[1]

When interest in one campaign dries up, there will always be another campaign ready to roll, or a different slant brought out regarding an old campaign. That such campaigns seek to create a "White Guilt Complex" is beyond doubt - they are nothing but anti-White racism.

Multiculturalist racism

Under Multiculturalism, racism against Whites is virtually encouraged. Different standards are imposed upon people and nations of different races. Any White country that has immigration restrictions is denounced as "racist", while Third World countries that have similar or stricter immigration restrictions are ignored.

Black and Asian pride is encouraged, whilst White pride is denounced as racist; Black-specific and Asian-specific special interest groups are encouraged, whilst any White-specific special interest groups are denounced as racist or are "legally" broken up. Non-White groups can be created and carry out campaigns, often with strong media support. Apparently, many things are not racist unless you're White.

Whilst "Whites" are accused of genocide of the Aboriginal race, due to attempts to assimilate Aborigines into the White population, the Multiculturalists somehow forget to refer to their long-term aim to eliminate the White race, and all other races, via assimilation, as genocide.

Multiculturalists are the real racists in our society.

Multiculturalist propaganda

For far too long Australians have put up with the anti-Nationalist propaganda fed to the general public by the Multiculturalists in the media, academia, and politics.

Unfortunately, most of what the public hears about Nationalists comes from the media, and therefore it is the media's bias that shapes the public perception (the public "reality") of Nationalists in Australia.

As the mass media is strongly dominated by Multiculturalists, the bias shown against Nationalists is immense. Unlike the ideal of a media that produces objective and fair articles on all and every subject, when it comes to immigration, race, and political nationalism, the media consistently write up heavily biased and misleading "news" items, containing slander, smears, half-truths, and even outright lies. This applies to all media formats: newspapers, radio, and television.

As a propaganda weapon, television is second to none. To be continually bombarded by Multiculturalist propaganda, intentional and unintentional, overt and covert, is to leave oneself open to having your views and opinions shaped by those who are cosmopolitan liberal-internationalists, by those who are of the Multiculturalist "Traitor Class".

The media invariably portray Multiculturalism as a nice, all-embracing theory, which no reasonable person would reject; whilst portraying Nationalism as a dangerous, nasty, racist creed, which no reasonable person would embrace.

Given the media stereotypes, it strikes many as incredible when they realise that the media's portrayal of both Multiculturalism and Nationalism is based upon bias and lies.

After years of Multiculturalism in Australia, many Nationalists have come to realise that it is the Multiculturalists who are against democracy and freedom of speech; who try to stifle debate, refuse dialog with opponents, and who have closed minds. It is the Multiculturalists who are often so full of bigotry, prejudice, and hate that they make any "pub bigot" pale in comparison.

To evaluate Multiculturalists, we need to consider their actions.

Taking Back the Moral High Ground