White Slaves, African Slave Traders, and the Hidden History of Slavery


The issue of slavery, as taught nowadays, is almost exclusively the story of Black slavery, with particular regard to the United States of America. The facts show that the story of slavery goes far deeper. The origins of slavery and the story of White slavery are issues that are virtually ignored in modern education.

This realisation begs two questions:

Why is White slavery generally ignored?

Why is Black slavery virtually the only story of slavery taught to children in schools?

The answer is simple. Both the education system and the media concentrate on Black slavery because it suits their ideological purposes (keeping in mind that these two "industries" are overwhelmingly staffed by Multiculturalists). The issue of Black slavery is one that is used to promote an "anti-racist" agenda. Multiculturalist slavery propaganda is designed to make White people look bad (the oppressors), and Black people look good (the oppressed). Multiculturalist slavery propaganda is used to make children feel guilty for being White, and to ensure that they will become Multiculturalists.

So much Multiculturalist propaganda is aimed at fostering a guilt complex in the minds of White people worldwide; whereas in actual fact slavery was not the "fault" of Whites, but in the main is the fault of social attitudes of earlier times, especially amongst the rich, not just in White societies, but also in Arabic, Black, Chinese, and Indian societies as well.

Slavery was an institution of the times; and talk of reparations, as has been suggested in the USA, is sheer nonsense. In the typically racist manner of Multiculturalists, claims for reparations are usually made with regards to Blacks, ignoring the White slaves. With the Multiculturalist propaganda concentrating on Black slavery, the woes of the American Indian slaves are rarely acknowledged [1]; of course, even lesser known is the fact that the American Indians themselves used slavery amongst themselves, as well as of captured Whites.[2]

It should be noted that while all races used slavery, it was the Europeans nations who banned the practice, and took determined steps to attempt to stop slavery worldwide.

Slavery was, and is, a foul, demeaning, and inhumane practice. For Multiculturalists to use it as a propaganda tool to further their ideology is both disgusting and hypocritical. Is nothing beneath these people?

White Slaves, African Slave Traders, and the Hidden History of Slavery