Defending our National Identity

The Culture Wars

Our culture, our way of life, and our national identity are facing a deadly threat. Our society is under attack and we are caught up in a social conflict which is known as "The Culture Wars".

Unlike normal warfare, where conquest-driven armies invade other countries, the Culture Wars are a fight for the hearts and minds of our people - it is a new form of ideological warfare.

The instigators of the Culture Wars attack nations by attacking the culture and national identity of nations - primarily targeting those nations that fit the criteria of "the three Ws": White, Western, and Wealthy.

The attackers in this cultural warfare are those who may be referred to as "Rainbow Extremists", a collection of varying types pushing various issues, all part of a related wider agenda. From socialists and communists to multinational businessmen and international traders, from homosexuals to tree-huggers, from "patriotic" conservatives pushing Third World immigration to globalist socialists pushing the same thing. There are many aspects to the world-wide attacks on traditional Western values; whilst some individuals or groups may only support certain aspects, all those strands tie in together to the downfall of Western civilisation - no matter whether those anti-Western ideas are promoted by businessmen in suits, by homosexual supporters wearing rainbow sashes to church, or by New Age hippy types with rainbow stickers on their cars.

The main areas where the culture wars are being fought are in the classrooms and mainstream media, both of which are unfortunately dominated by Rainbow Extremists of varying hues. With control of these two areas, the Rainbow Extremists can psychologically enforce their ideology upon the population in general, and upon impressionable youngsters in particular.

The primary targets in the culture wars are the developed nations of the West, including Australia. Third World countries are mostly exempt from the all-encompassing cultural criticism that is leveled at Western societies. Cultural practices in Third World countries that would raise massive outrage from the Rainbow Extremists if they were to occur in Western nations are largely ignored or excused on the basis that they are "culturally different" and therefore should not be judged. Yet traditional Western culture does not receive this same privilege - Western culture is continually attacked by the minions of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.

The basic elements of this agenda have been identified by writers such as James Davison Hunter and Pat Buchanan.[1]

The wider elements of this anti-Western social agenda include:

  • Opposing Western Christian traditions - Removing the cultural position of the Christian Churches as foundation elements of Western society and morals. Attacking the position within Western society of traditionally shared community-binding events, such as Christmas and Easter. Changing BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini, or Year of Our Lord) to BCE and CE (Before the Common Era and Common Era). Banning Christmas celebrations in schools, shopping centres, and government institutions; developing an anti-Christian culture of "Happy Holidays" instead of "Happy Christmas" at Christmas time.

  • Subverting traditional family values - Undermining the position of marriage in society, by giving a similar status to defacto relationships and same-sex relationships. Attacking the rights of parents, creating legal barriers for the parental maintenance of reasonable discipline. Supporting homosexual agendas, funding homosexual organisations, and teaching homosexuality as being a "valid alternative lifestyle" to young school children.

  • Radical feminism - Promoting extremist feminism (which should not be confused with equal rights for women) and anti-womanhood agendas, including propaganda and teaching courses which are anti-male, anti-family, and anti-marriage, which effectively encourage women not to have children (equating doing so as an impediment to their career or personal development), leading to a reduction in Western birth rates, with many women having no children or having (fewer) babies in later years (leading to an increased risk of birth defects).

  • Demographic genocide of Western nations - Enabling mass immigration of people from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, South America, etc. into White Western nations. Deliberately encouraging Third World immigration, rather than having socially compatible immigration from white Western nations.

  • Multiculturalism (cultural pluralism) - Advocating a flawed ideological doctrine that says all cultures are of equal value, that it is worthwhile to encourage and maintain distinct ethnic groupings within every nation, and that injecting large elements of foreign cultures into every society will be beneficial, bringing "strength through diversity".

  • Globalism - Propagating the notion that "we are all one humanity", pushing a one-world agenda, and maintaining that there is no such thing as race (except that it suddenly exists when it comes to issues of "racial discrimination" or giving benefits to non-whites based upon their racial heritage). Using gradualist tactics to undermine the sovereignty of nations, via international agreements and regional groupings (such as the European Union). The goal of some extremists is of the creation of a one world government.

  • Political Correctness - Creating a new language based upon an anti-discrimination ethos and a "fear of giving offence", where "chairman" becomes "chairperson", "American Negro" becomes "African-American", "spastic" becomes "physically challenged", etc. Making a Politically Correct atmosphere in the workplace, and in society, where it is decreed that people must not offend someone from a "minority" or "disadvantaged" group - which includes not telling the truth if it is considered to be "offensive" - and passing laws to underpin this atmosphere, in turn creating self-censorship in society. Bringing in a climate of fear where people can lose their jobs just over using the "wrong" word. Creating a political climate where "populist" becomes a political swearword referring to someone catering to "the narrow-minded and ignorant" rather than of someone representing the common will of the people (democracy).[2]

  • Denigration of heritage - Pushing a "black armband" view of history, especially within schools, focusing on any possible negative issues, whilst downplaying positive achievements, and placing a lower emphasis on teaching national history. Attacking "dead white males" as the bad guys of history, whilst portraying barbaric tribes as almost blameless.[3]

  • Renaming places and institutions - Changing the Western names of places to native names (e.g. Ayers Rock to Uluru, the Grampians to Gariwerd), changing or trying to change other so-called "racist" names (e.g. Coon Cheese, the E.S. "Nigger" Brown stand at a Toowoomba football ground, and Chinaman's Creek), or changing the names of institutions named after historical figures who are now considered "racist".[4]

  • Reversal of crime sympathies - Putting emphasis on aiding the perpetrators of crimes, rather than on punishment, prevention, or on helping their victims. Blaming "society" for the crimes of criminals is part of an agenda of socialisation of responsibility, rather than putting the focus on individuals having responsibility for themselves. In this atmosphere, non-white criminals have an ability to gain sympathy for crying that "racism" is responsible for them committing crimes.

  • Anti-White discrimination - Putting in place programmes to give employment and other financial benefits to non-whites. So-called "affirmative action" is just another name for anti-white discrimination. So-called "anti-discrimination" legislation encourages poor workers and lesser qualified job applicants to cry "racial discrimination", often enabling them to keep or attain employment they should not have, or obtain financial payouts from resulting legal action.

  • Anti-firearm acts - Placing bans on firearms, undermining the traditional usage of firearms for hunting. Enforced registering of firearms, even leading to widespread confiscation of those previously legal personal possessions. Bans on traditional sports of hunting animals. Creating an anti-firearm culture amongst school children.

  • Refusing the right to self-defence - Legal attacks upon the right of individuals to defend their lives, homes, and property by the use of force.

Multiculturalism and Political Correctness are the enemy's major weapons in this fight for the future of Western Civilisation. However, we must realise that the struggle to remove these cancers from our society is social and cultural in nature. Today's political and social environment is vastly different to that of 50 years ago. To bring about change, to lead or people away from the all-pervasive anti-Western agenda, our nation requires a shift in attitudes, something that can only be brought about by a social movement, by an ideology that can promote itself and fight the alien ideologies of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.

Therefore, we must act as a catalyst for a change in society's outlook, away from the multiculturalist anti-national outlook promoted by the media, politicians, and academics. We must influence the thinking of ordinary men and women in the street towards a self-sustaining pro-Western viewpoint.

We are fighting a "cultural war", a war of attitudes, against a firmly entrenched Establishment of many aspects. Our nation's enemies (internationalists, multiculturalists, and assorted fellow travelers) have taken over our nation's institutions (the places of social power: the main political parties, schools, universities, legal system, unions, and - especially - the media). It is not a "conspiracy" as such, but a gathering of like-minded individuals who instinctively push their ideology whenever they can, and generally deny places to nationalist-minded Australians (just one accusation of "racist" can nowadays be enough to derail or destroy a person's career). They exert influence over Australians because they are constantly inserting their propaganda, their ideological viewpoint, into their work: in the schools, news reports, general television shows, legal judgments, etc.

Nowadays schools and universities place a high value on social engineering - many leftist educators regard it just as important, if not more so, than teaching students the actual subjects at hand. Conservative teachers, who are in the minority, often find it necessary to hide their views from co-educators lest they lose their jobs or have their careers adversely affected, and are often required to teach curriculums that are biased and anti-Western.[5]

Jason Briant has noted that the Rainbow Extremists' ideological control over our universities has a very real impact over our collective future, as they are shaping the minds and attitudes of our nation's future leaders, who will then go on to create the cultures and rules of our country's institutions.

    Since their takeover by the Left, many universities have used their position to try to indoctrinate future generations of societal elites against the very values upon which our civilisation is built, which constitutes a total reversal of their original mission. There is an urgent need to think of means that would restore balance to the universities and return them to their original role as the guardians of our civilisation and culture.[6]

The traditionalist morals of newspapers and education says that journalists will report the news without bias and that teachers will impart learning without bias. However, the morals of the Rainbow Extremists are quite indifferent to traditionalist attitudes.

    There was a time when the primary purpose of journalists was to report the news. That is why they were called "reporters." But for most news people on the left, reporting the news is insignificant compared to changing society for the better, which is the whole point of being a leftist. ...With regard to education, the same change of purpose has occurred. Until the left took over education, the primary purpose of a teacher was to teach, and to do so as truthfully and apolitically as possible. Today, the primary purpose for very many high school teachers and college professors on the left is to influence students. ...Merely teaching is as unimportant to most left-wing teachers and professors as is mere reporting of the news for left-wing journalists or mere rendering of justice to most liberal judges. They regard their professions not as ends but as means -- to higher, leftist ends.[7]

For far too long the Multiculturalists and Globalists have undermined Australia (and Western nations in general). At every turn, at every opportunity, they constantly eat away at the very foundations of our culture, society, and heritage; like termites attacking a wooden house, they have been gnawing away at the very structure of Western civilisation.

Whether it was supposed "racism" against Aborigines, "discrimination" against homosexuals, or "prejudice" against Muslims, they have continuously forced "collective guilt" down our throats for decades (even when we have nothing to be sorry for). This especially applies to our poor schoolchildren, who are being fed these "guilt trips" as "facts" by teachers and the media, and so many are emerging from the education system with low national self-esteem, lack of social identity, and a sense of cultural self-loathing - many have become so traumatized and guilt-ridden that they have become pawns for the multiculturalists (that is, if they haven't become so disconnected from society that they turn to drugs or suicide).

To counter the multiculturalists' attacks upon the psychological and social well-being of our nation's children, and our people in general, we must have a coherent strategy (based upon truth and facts), to oppose the lies and twisted truths of the Australia-haters and globalists.

Such a strategy must be multi-faceted. We must:

    1) Counter their attacks upon our society. For example, we must attack their lies and bias about a "stolen generation", and show that Australians sought to create better conditions for the Aborigines by removing children from terrible living circumstances, or from chronically drunk or abusive parents; we must show that slavery was not a white institution, but one practiced by all races, and that it was the white nations who were the first to ban the practice.

    2) Mount our own attacks upon their ideology. For example, we must (rightly) accuse the multiculturalists (who support "non-discriminatory" immigration, which inevitably leads to Asianisation) of committing genocide against the White Australian people and against the Aboriginal people. Australians must realise that the Asianisation of our nation is genocide.

    3) Take back our cultural institutions. Socialist ideologues like Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs (along with the Frankfurt School - a Marxist think-tank), and Rudy Dutschke advocated a "long march through the institutions" whereby the Rainbow extremists would join social institutions and gradually change their policies and values, and this did indeed occur [8]. Now we must re-enter our nation's institutions and encourage like-minded people to do the same, to return our schools, universities, courts, police forces, newspapers, etc, to their traditional values.

Just as the feminists created an ideology which permeated society in the 1970s, we must develop and push a pro-Australian, pro-Western, ideology to permeate our society in the 2000s. We must develop our ideas, our arguments, and our information resources to enable our people to throw off the psychological shackles of Multiculturalism, to be able to proudly stand up and proclaim themselves as fair dinkums, Australian nationalists, Australian protectionists, always ready to put Australia and the Australian people first before all else. We are engaged in a battle for moral ascendancy in the community, and it is a battle that we must win.

To win back the moral high ground, we must conduct this ideological fight amongst the general public, in the streets, on the internet, in the media, and - especially - amongst the youth of Australia. We must distribute millions of persuasive materials, advance political and cultural campaigns, gain much publicity, carry forth our views and ideals, and win the hearts and minds of the Australian people.


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Defending our National Identity