The Menace of Multiculturalism

The Great "Utopia"
(Where the Logic of "Multiculturalism"
Would Eventually Lead Us)

Multiculturalism is not just a theory/experiment confined to Australia and North America; in many Western-style democracies, multiculturalism (in numerous variant styles) is being forced upon the people of the host nations. Its advocates see it as eventually covering the entire globe.

The long term consequences that are inherent in such a world-wide ideology are frightening. The foreseeable scenario would appear to be, spread over the next millennium, something like this: Australia, Canada, and North America become fully multicultural, followed soon after by the other Western democracies, then over a longer span of time all of the remaining countries of the world are slowly pushed into the multicultural abyss:

    - Ethnic integration eventually becomes total integration. With no ethnic base to support cultural traditions, all cultures merge; this means that while many cultural traits survive, in a conglomerate style, most cultural traditions totally vanish.

    - Just as has happened with cultural mergers in the past: unique cultures and languages are lost forever, existing only in the records and archives of academia.(70)

    - Thanks to centuries of modern travel technology, ever-flowing very easy mass migration, and world-wide communications systems, the entire planet becomes the domain of the modern technological consumer society miracle: the teeming masses of the United Nations' stylised "brown man".

There would be no point in travelling to Paris to experience a lively, vibrant, French culture; or to the Congo to see the exotic unusual cultures of the dark jungles of Africa; because everywhere is the same:

    - Multicultural restaurants: a poor mix of several styles. Lots of the cheap plastic-like food variety; some "classy" venues, but none are distinct.

    - Multicultural language: Esperanto. All the old languages died out years ago, everyone now speaks the same. However, some universities offer courses about the old obsolete languages.

    - Multicultural dancing: the "techno age" version of "disco". No-one actually does any of the old dances, but they can be viewed on CD-video units in the cobweb covered archives of academia.

    - The same multicultural culture: an American-style cosmopolitan, media-based culture.

That is the logical long-term result of multiculturalism: a world-wide American TV-style culture (presumably administered by a global government).

In 1992, Australia's then Governor-General, Bill Hayden, said

    "Indeed, I sometimes speculate whether there might not come a time - not too many generations hence - when we may be talking about a truly international culture, with local variations on a common theme". (71)

It is people like Bill Hayden that are trying, not only to destroy Australia's culture (in the name of multiculturalism), but who are also trying to destroy the culture of every nation on earth.

It is time that everyone realises that "Multiculturalism Means No Culture".

The Menace of Multiculturalism