Defending Free Speech

Questions for true-blue Australians

Do you want world-wide ethnic diversity or world-wide ethnic uniformity?
Are you in favour of genocide?
          Multiculturalists say that they want diversity, but their actual goal is the destruction of all ethnic diversity world-wide.
          Multiculturalism is a hate-filled political ideology that seeks the destruction of White communities worldwide by large-scale immigration. Multiculturalism advocates developing a world where everyone of every nation mixes in together, eventually to become all one world-wide people and therefore ultimately becoming of one world-wide culture.
          Long-term Multiculturalism doesn't advocate cultural diversity; instead, it advocates no cultural diversity at all! Multiculturalism advocates ethnic and racial genocide.

Are you happy with the various street-level realities of Multiculturalism?
          Such as:
          - Lebanese gangs running rampant?
          - Asian-led drug smuggling rackets?
          - Santa Claus and Christmas Carols being banned from schools and kindergartens?

          Anyone involved with Multiculturalism knows that two common interpretations of the term exist; one relates to just the existence of people from different backgrounds being in our country along with evident cultural output (French restaurants, Scottish folk dancing, German beerfests, etc.), whilst the other refers to a political ideology that seeks to swamp Australia with immigration from the Third World, linked to the plan for the Asianisation of Australia as backed by various Liberal-Labor politicians, media hacks, and big business.
          Multiculturalism is, in fact, a political ideology that is anti-Western in nature; an ideology that engenders hate and seeks the cultural destruction of its host nation. Its long-term aim is not to protect migrants, but to destroy the host nation's culture.

Do you want an end to free speech?
          Multiculturalists know that ordinary Australians oppose the Asianisation of Australia, and they know that Multiculturalism inevitably leads to social disharmony and conflict. Therefore they have passed laws to stop Australians complaining about multi-racial immigration and Multiculturalism.
          Multiculturalism inherently needs to squash free speech, because otherwise its political opponents will gain ground in trying to protect their nation from the ravages of immigration and the ensuing social upheavals.

Do you want Multiculturalist racism?
          Multiculturalists are the biggest racists in the world. Not only do they wish to eventually wipe the existence of all unique peoples from the face of the earth, but they are intrinsically anti-Western, and propagandise against the culture, heritage, and traditions of White communities world-wide.
          Multiculturalists also encourage racism against individuals on the basis of their race. Calling it "affirmative action", they have institutionalised anti-White racism in many "politically correct" countries, so that many people miss out on employment whilst lesser-qualified people are given the jobs instead, all because of the colour of their skin.
          Nationalists seek to protect the continued existence of unique peoples across the world, whilst Multiculturalists seek to destroy them all.
          It is the Multiculturalists who are the true racists.

Do you want your descendants to live in a Muslim Australia?
          If the Multiculturalists have their way, and Australia becomes predominantly populated by people from the Third World, what sort of religion will dominate our country? In such circumstances, it is likely that Australia would become a Muslim country. Is that what you want for your people, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren? What sort of future are you leaving them? And would they thank you for it?

Do you want your descendants to grow up in an Asian Australia?
          Are you in favour of Australia's population becoming majority Asian and Third World?
          Are you in favour of Australians becoming a small minority in Australia, then to eventually disappear altogether?
          Are you in favour of Australians being dispossessed in their own country?

          Given that nowdays, due to immigration policies created by Liberal-Labor politicians, most immigrants are from Asia and the Third World, it is forecast that , on current trends, Australia will become an Asian Australia. In such a scenario, all Australians (and even the Africans and Arabs) will eventually fall and disappear into the mixing bowl of a predominant Asian mix.
          The big political parties are committed to Multiculturalism, and are therefore committed to ongoing immigration. Very few Asians have come out in opposition to the ongoing high levels of immigration, and the higher the proportion of Asians in the country becomes, the higher the likliehood that high levels of Asian immigration will continue. It is an ongoing and vicious cycle - a whirlpool of immigration, sucking more and ever more Asian immigrants into Australia, until our nation is overwhelmed.
          If Australians are going to be bred out of existence, then who is going to do it? Do you want your son, daughter, brother, or sister to marry an Asian, African, or Arab? Do you want your grandchildren, and all of your eventual offspring, to be of Asian, African, or Arab ethnicity?
          Do you want your people to die out? Do you want your people to be out-bred, and eventually replaced by those of Asian, African, or Arab ethnicity?
          Do you want the future of Australia to be a place where all of the faces in the street are Asian? Is this the legacy you want to leave your grandchildren?
          Liberal-Labor politicians support the Asianisation of Australia. Population experts recognise that Multiculturalist policies are pushing Australia towards Asianisation. And once Australia has become 90% Asian, then how long would it be until the entirety of Australia has a background of Third World ethnicity? Unless you stop the Liberal-Labor politicians, then it will happen; however, if all true-blue Australians band together, then we can stop the destruction of our nation.
          We have one chance. Your nation, and your future descendants, need you to act. Join together with Australian Protectionists, to stand up for your country, and to win back Australia!

Defending Free Speech