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Join us to fight racist genocide!

          A word from our opponents:

                "Envisage a world without Australian Aborigines, without American Indians, without Fijians or Maoris or Samoans or Eskimos. Envisage an Earth without ethnic diversity, where only one master race inhabits the world!"

          If you think that the above quote is the rantings of a fanatical racist, intent on genocide, then you would be right. The above paraphrasing of globalist ideology is, in a nutshell, the plan for the future of our world, as envisaged and advocated by Multiculturalists.
          At present, our world is an interesting mix of races and cultures; a diverse salad bowl of peoples; lettuce, tomato, nuts, and potato (so to speak). The Multiculturalists want a future where our diverse salad is instead beaten into one big mash, a runny brown soup of one indeterminate flavour. It would be a world of one "master race", with all other unique races no longer in existence.
          Let's face it, the fact is that the long-term intent of Multiculturalism is NOT diversity; it is the mixing of all peoples and cultures into one mix, whereby populations the whole world over will all eventually look the same. And with worldwide television, technology, and travel, the whole world could become part of one huge culture (probably a media-dominated corporatised culture). The Multiculturalists' future would be a future WITHOUT diversity.

An Asian Australia will mean the extinction of Australia's Aboriginal people

          In an Asianised Australia, the continued assurance of separate protected lands for Australia's Aborigines is highly doubtful.
          Consider the words of Professor Wang Gung Wu, Doyen of Overseas Chinese History Scholarship, Vice Chancellor of Hong Kong University, past President of the Asians Studies Association of Australia [Canberra Times, 8 July 1992]:

                "where most Asians are concerned, the survival of Aboriginal people has never had any priority".

          If we allow Australia to become Asianised, then the weight of numbers - along with a slowly increasing incremental percentage of mixed-race couplings - will ensure the complete disappearance of the Australian Aborigines from the face of the earth.

                "And you thought Multiculturalism meant protecting the future of the Aboriginal peoples, when - in fact - Multiculturalism means genocide. It means the end of the Aborigines, forever. You thought supporting Multiculturalism meant supporting ethnic and cultural diversity? Well, tough luck, suckers!"

          (There's that fanatical racist again. Multiculturalist racist, that is.)

          The Asianisation of Australia is a concrete fact, recognised by Australia's leading demographers and future-trends analysts. Pushed by Liberal-Labor politicians and big-business, who see an enmeshment with Asia as economically and politically viable, Asianisation is being enabled by the large-scale immigration of Asians and other Third-Wolders into Australia.
          Future trends forecasts show that Australia will be 50-60% Asianised by 2050. When the Australian population becomes 90% Asian/Third-World, then it's only a matter of time until the Asianisation of the population reaches 100%.
          If the Asianisation of Australia becomes complete, then the world will have one less culture, and diversity would have been reduced by one more ethnic group, but the Multiculturalists care not one iota for that, so long as their plan for the ending of all racial differences is achieved.

          What would this mean for Australia's Aborigines? Such a future can only be summed up in one word: Genocide.

Three pertinent questions

Question 1: On the future of Australia's Aborigines.
          Do you support the Asianisation of Aboriginal areas in Australia?
          If "no", that's good, as that will protect cultural and ethnic diversity in the world.
          If "yes", then that is supporting genocide.

Question 2: On the future of Fiji and the Pacific Islands.
          Do you support the Asianisation of Fiji and the Pacific Islands?
          If "no", that's good, as that will protect cultural and ethnic diversity in the world.
          If "yes", then that is supporting genocide.

          The importation of Indians into Fiji began in the 1870s, and Indians are now 44% of the Fijian population. This shows how quickly Asianisation can occur.

Question 3: On the future of Australia.
          Do you support the Asianisation of Australia?
          If "no", that's good, as that will protect cultural and ethnic diversity in the world.
          If "yes", then that is supporting genocide.

          Australia's Asian population was 0.4% in 1966, is now approximately 12%, and is forecast to rise to about 50-60% by 2050. Multiculturalists may dispute the rate at which Australia is being Asianised, but there is no disputing that, with Multiculturalists in charge, Australia will become predominantly Asian/Third World; unless Australians realise their predicament and win back Australia.
          Liberal-Labor politicians have no plan to stop large-scale immigration into Australia at any stage in the future, because our country is now ruled by the political doctrine of Multiculturalism, which is ideologically and practically based upon ongoing large-scale immigration. Multiculturalism and immigration feed upon each other, as each maintains and demands the existence of its political twin, thus creating a never-ending immigration whirlpool, sucking endless numbers of immigrants into Australia.

Multiculturalist anti-Western propaganda

                "Envisage a world without its European peoples, without the Irish, without the Dutch or Scots or French or Russians or Aussies or Swedes. Envisage a world of coffee-coloured people by the score."

          Did you react differently to the above quote, compared to the first question asking about a world without the Australian Aborigines?
          Did you find it more acceptable for the world to be without its European populations, rather than the world being without its Asian/African/Islander populations?
          If you answered "yes", don't be surprised. Modern Multiculturalist propaganda, taught via education and the media, is normally presented with an anti-White bias, slyly teaching White people (especially White children) to detest their own people, and wish for their own people's destruction.

          Multiculturalism is an anti-Western political ideology, full of hate for White communities worldwide. Check out your education textbooks for examples of anti-White bias - how often are White people (as a group) criticised, compared to how little criticism is directed towards Asians, Africans, and Aborigines?

          If you believe in the eventual genocide of all unique peoples, then support Multiculturalism. If you believe in the value of world-wide diversity, then support Nationalism. Viva la difference!

Defending Free Speech