Defending Free Speech

The Grey Syndrome

Multiculturalists twist the truth

          All true nations have a predominant culture, or core culture, that often encompasses some external, or foreign, influences - often stemming from immigration (leaving aside the historical cultural impacts of military invasions). These influences may effect minor changes within the core culture, or may even exist without significantly impacting on the mainstream culture.
          This impact can be described by using a colour code for culture. For example, a white culture being impacted by external black cultures does not become a grey culture, but rather may exist as a white culture with some graying around the edges of its core culture.
          Multiculturalists point to such grey areas to "prove" their theory that the whole nation is not one culture, and fraudulently misuse that twisted truth to tell a nation that since its culture is grey, then therefore it may as well become black (or rainbow coloured?).
          Whilst most normal citizens would describe a red sports car as "red", the professional Multiculturalist would rather describe it as "multi-coloured", as it has silver hubcaps, black upholstery, some black trimmings, etc. In a technical sense, what the professional Multiculturalist says is true. A red sports car is not all red, but the Multiculturalist uses (or rather, misuses) this minor technicality as a means of obscuring the general truth of the bigger picture.
          Maybe the red sports car scenario is not a perfect parallel to Australia's situation, but it does reflect accurately the Multiculturalists' usage of twisted truths, their use of deception in promoting their anti-Australian ideology.

Australia is a "core culture" society, not a "multicultural" society

          Australia is not all one culture. However, it does have a core culture, a mainstream culture, a predominant culture. To point to minor cultural influences on the broad fringes of Australian culture as evidence of Australia being a multicultural society is deceptive and dishonest. Our nation has its own culture and way of life, which we are proud to be a part of.
          The influence of immigrants upon Australian society and demography does not change the fact that our nation has a core culture. It is time for us to recognise that fact and ignore the deceptive ramblings of the sly treacherous Multiculturalists in our midst.

Multiculturalism is a political ideology, which is engaged in a cultural war against Western societies

          Multiculturalists promise to "enrich" Australia by cultural diversity, touting benefits of foreign foods and exotic dances, but who lie by omission when they deliberately don't reveal the negatives of multiculturalism in action - the crime rates, criminal gangs, disgusting cultural practices, anti-female ideologies, and anti-Australian racism.
          Indeed, one would have to wonder about the loyalty of anyone who would want to sell-out their country in exchange for some foreign restaurants. What sort of person would be willing to surrender their nation's future in exchange for some Chinese take-away? Or, in fact, is Multiculturalism about something more sinister? Multiculturalism is more about destroying homogeneous nations in favour of a globalist agenda; to eventually create a one-world state, peopled by humans of no discernable ethnic origin, the "brown man" concept touted by do-gooder advocates of the United Nations.
          The political push for Multiculturalism is a major part of the cultural war that is being waged upon the traditional cultures of all nations that are of European ethnicity.
          Multiculturalism is a political ideology, based upon deception, faulty logic, and propaganda. It is a hateful ideology that is intrinsically linked to, and a part of, the propaganda push for higher and higher rates of non-European immigration into racially European countries the world over, seeking the genocide of the European peoples via immigration and multiracialism.

          It is the duty of all decent people to oppose the genocide that Multiculturalism pushes.
          It is time that we of European descent - like Aborigines, Blacks, and Asians before us - stand up for our sovereign right to survive as an ethnicity. It is time for all decent people to oppose the genocide of Multiculturalism. It is time for us to be proud of who we are, and defend our people.
          It is time for all of us to become active in what must be considered the greatest just cause for freedom and survival since the dawn of man.
          Stand up and fight for your people, today!!!

Defending Free Speech