Australia's Peril

Part Three

The Yellow Peril

For much of Australia's post-European settlement history, at least since the 1850s, her people have been highly concerned about the "Yellow Peril", that is, the possibility that the "teeming hordes of Asia" would swamp the country, whether by warlike or peaceful means.

This concern over Asianisation led to various immigration restrictions being put into place over the years. It also led some Australians to believe that our nation would need to "Populate or Perish". As Arthur Calwell put it in 1947, following the Japanese threat of World War Two:
    "We have 25 years at most to populate this country before the yellow races are down on us"(14).
Some people have scorned the concept of the "Yellow Peril". A typical example is Donald Horne - who, while sneering at the concept, at the same time paradoxically reinforced the concept, by relating his "interesting" conversations with Asians that he had met:(15)
    "My Chinese host was discussing the White Australia policy. "Be careful of the Chinese," he said. "We are the most intelligent race in the world. If you let too many Chinese into your country they will take you over"..."(16).

    "The Filipino beside me said: "... We are all interested in Australia. It is a huge continent. In a hundred years' time it will be peopled from all over Asia"."(17)
Horne himself advocated
    "that ultimately - but perhaps not for some years - Australia's population problem will be solved in what may be the only way it can finally be solved - by large scale Asian immigration."(18)
More to the point, Horne stated
    "My own view is that the future holds dramatic possibilities for Australia which may necessarily include racial change, that this is Australia's "destiny". It is going to happen one way or the other. It is a task that will be undertaken either by Australians, or by someone else."(19)
Yet, even despite his own evidence of Asian interest in Australia; and despite his own views that our nation will be swamped by Asians, to be carried out "either by Australians, or by someone else" - which is the basic concept of "the Yellow Peril" - Horne still debunks the concept itself. This denial (after having already recognised the threat) is, no doubt, because he cannot see past his own ideological bias.

The view that Australia must bring in Asian immigrants, or face the prospect that such immigration will be forced upon us (perhaps by economic, political, or military threats; or possibly by an actual invasion), is still voiced sometimes.

For example: In 1984 The Age reported the views of Phil Ruthven, Director of Ibis Corporate Services, that
    "Australia would risk invasion in about 40 years unless the immigration programme was stepped up and the population grew... this could take the form of a military invasion, or more likely "persuasive pressures" from our heavily- populated neighbours or from the United Nations".
Ruthven said
    "Either we orchestrate it [population growth] carefully and start sharing this great country with more people, or we can do nothing and have a very quick catch-up in around about 40 years time - called an invasion"(20).
In 1985 Ruthven repeated his warning in The Age:
    "If we don't have at least 100,000 migrants a year (to lift economic activity), they will be a catch-up in the form of an invasion".
The Age further reported that
    "Mr Ruthven believes most of the new settlers should come from countries north of Australia. The United Nations says Australia could support 125 million people, more than twice the population of Britain, but Mr Ruthven reckons 450 million is not an unrealistic figure."(21)
Some years later, in 1990, Ruthven was to say
    "The world is crowded and if we don't move to share this country with other people, someone might want to take it from us"(22).
The following year, Ruthven used a similar argument against those opposing mass immigration:
    "One theory is that Australia's population should be limited to 25 million. This assumes such nonsense as the world and the Asia Pacific in particular allowing us to do so... In reality, a global economic village will not tolerate such a thesis"(23).
In 1991 Senator John Button (talking about the Multi Function Polis, the technological City that was intended to be built in Australia in conjunction with Japan) said that Australia
    "is a country of enormous resources both natural and human. The development of state of the art-enabling technologies to help us with the development of the resources in this country will be absolutely crucial to its future... I strongly believe if we are not prepared to do it, someone else might. In one way or another."(24)
The Record reported that "In reply to Prime Minister Keating's racist slur against the Liberals in January this year [referring here to 1992], Liberal Leader John Hewson said that he wasn't a racist and that when the economy recovered he would vastly increase immigration and if he didn't, "someone else" would make Australia increase it"(25).

In 1992 The Bulletin reported the views of a senior official from the Northern Territory ("who declined to be identified"):
    "I think it will be only 50 to 100 years before most people in the north of Australia have their roots in Asia. It may come by war, it may come by immigration. For the sake of Australia, I would like the north to be settled by the process of immigration"(26).
In 1996 Rian Hassan and Adam Jamrozik of Flinders University wrote that
    "With the growing population pressures in the Third World countries and in some of Australia's neighbours, the 'empty spaces' of the Australian continent, especially its northern regions, will increasingly attract international attention... It would be better to consider these issues by our own initiative, rather than by initiatives that might be taken by other countries or be imposed by international bodies such as the United Nations."(27)
The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr. George Pell, in 1997 called for Australia's population to be increased to 50 million, saying
    "If people imagine that in the centuries to come, which are likely to be dominated by Asian superpowers, that they will allow us to hold on to a continent as big as the United States with 20 million people - I mean that's cuckoo land stuff."(28)
In 1997 Malcolm Fraser, ex-Liberal Prime Minister of Australia, said
    "If we believe we can maintain Australia at 18 or 20 million people without increasing envy, without marginalising ourselves, without challenge, then we are gravely and seriously mistaken. I have already had people from Asia asking me about our population policies, about our commitment to developing and growing Australia... Australia's population has grown 2 1/2 times since 1945. There is no reason at all why we could not grow 2 1/2 times again by the middle of next century. We would then be a nation of 45 million to 50 million people." (emphasis added)(29)
That the threat of the "Yellow Peril" (another term for Asianisation) was (and still is) a real one is beyond doubt - if immigration restriction laws had not been put in place in the 1850s, 1890s, and in 1901, Australia would have been Asianised long before now. Indeed, it must be recognised that modern Australia is still dealing with the "Yellow Peril", and is - in fact - currently undergoing a process of Asianisation (i.e. the "Yellow Peril"), as forced upon it by the liberal- internationalist Establishment.

Whether our nation will survive, and not be overwhelmed or swamped by the teeming masses of the "Yellow Peril", depends on whether the Australian people can find within themselves the fortitude and strength to stop the insidious Asianisation of Australia.

Australians, the future lies in your hands.