Multiculturalism Advocates’ Campaign of Contempt

Andrew Phillips

6th January 2010

All is not well in the Ivory Tower. When the arrogant elite begin to have concerns about changes in society’s attitudes and it becomes evident that the general population are once again thinking for themselves, the poor hacks in some sections of our media cartel swing into action and begin the campaign of contempt.

Lashings of guilt inducing self-loathing vitriol splash across our screens and the pages of our papers, the very same papers we are told reflect the attitudes of the nation and supply us with the truth. Time to herd the sheeple back into the pens and make them accept the condition determined for them and their grandchildren.

Judging by the columns served up for consumption by the Adelaide Advertiser the last two days, it would appear our “intellectual keepers” have suddenly realised the brumbies are bolting and are frantically falling over themselves to shut the gate before too much damage is done to their cozy situation. The tactics used were obvious and printed to coincide with the concern by authorities regarding the recent stabbing of a young Indian in the Yarraville area.

Of concern is the fact that once again the “wannabe intelligentsia” work themselves into a frenzy even before the facts are known. As soon as someone of non-European heritage is assaulted or robbed, the perpetrators are naturally assumed to be White — and none are worse than those nasty Anglo Saxons, after all, as former SA Premier Don Dunstan once proudly declared, Anglo Saxons are the biggest race of mongrels to walk the Earth.....

The Advertiser sent their star Queen of Cultural Self-Loathing, Tory Shepherd “Straying From the Flock” (as she trumpets in a most self satisfied way) in to soften up those readers who might just be thinking of seeing things in a different way.

It took almost ten paragraphs of inane drivel about car stickers for Ms. Shepherd to warm to her subject — being what a bunch of narrow minded, insensitive, moronic yobs we Australians are.

Lamenting about the growing number of “Australia. If you don’t love it leave” stickers on the back of cars (obviously sported by morons who don’t understand the whole benefit of being part of the Global Village. Pack rapes by gangs of Moslem youths, stabbings and car jackings by gangs of “alienated” African youths, heroin deaths brought to your neighbourhood by your friendly local Triad members, unemployment as factory workers watch their jobs go overseas, farms quarantined due to the importation of produce from developing nations with poor production standards-just to name a few — but of course these don’t affect you if you live on the leafy side of town), Ms. Shepherd proceeded to attack her fellow Australians who air their views on the internet.

Internet sites, including a Facebook group which at one point had 65,000 members but “now only has around 500 after some sort of intervention” (well, we guess you could call hacking by rabid far left activists opposed to freedom of speech “some sort of intervention” Tory) were criticised by Ms. Shepherd as having a “mishmash of claims” and advocating a “Monolithic Australian culture, as though it is something enshrined in law”. Well no, Tory, but perhaps it might be advantageous if it were supported by both the government and the education system rather than undermined.

Then again, we shouldn’t be too harsh in our criticism of Ms. Shepherd’s rambling thoughts. This is, after all, the same woman who seems to revel in an endless campaign to denigrate Western society’s contribution to the world in general, belittle our culture’s Christian heritage at every opportunity and hop on any controversial bandwagon that might pass her cluttered cubicle in the hallowed building that is occupied by the Advertiser. Right to die, right to kill, right to same sex marriages, where she’ll draw the line is anybody’s guess, but those of us wanting to protect the country we love know there is one right she won’t defend — the right to free speech and freedom of expression. She just can’t help herself.

Having done her job at convincing the reader that they belong to an odious group of moronic narrow-minded human beings who have contributed nothing to the world and can lay claim to nothing, at least to the best of her ability, the Advertiser served up an opinion piece from one Verma Vinay, a Sydney resident whose contributions to our sterile and unproductive culture include being a “poet, author and freelance journalist”.

Makes one feel quite inadequate.

Mr. Vinay began his column with a list of mildly imaginative, albeit dated, racist chants as proof of our nation’s sinister racist underbelly. Mr. Vinay condemned our apparently “stringent but ineffective” anti-discrimination laws for not deterring opponents to multiculturalism (clearly the likes of Mr. Vinay won’t be happy until we see those nasty rednecks turned out of their homes as their assets are seized and the breadwinner is gaoled for a decade or more to silence him or her, leaving the family without a parent to instruct innocent children in the evils of outmoded ideals such as traditional values and national pride?).

Of course Mr. Vinay’s self-righteous rant didn’t put him off the need to tell us the racial heritage of one “strapping Anglo Saxon rugby player” who was fined for supposed racial taunts on the field. This was followed by an awful indulgence in racial stereotyping with the claim “Indian doctors are the only ones open on a weekend”. Oh really? I must tell my narrow-minded, culturally-sterile and unproductive European doctor to shut up her operations on the weekend — stupid girl.

Of course, Indian society is always welcoming of foreign culture and beliefs. We’ll just ignore the barbaric activities in the past by followers of a Hindu Goddess which involved ritual strangulation, and more recently, the burning of Christian missionaries and their families in cars and homes by devout Hindus. Still, as Mr. Vinay assures us, ignorance breeds fear. Perhaps it was fear that motivated someone to send a letter to our Party P.O Box several years ago, urging us to continue our stand against Moslem immigration. The man claimed he was a Sikh residing in Adelaide.

Mr. Vinay then turned his attention on the media for supposedly giving “cursory coverage” of recent attacks on Indians here in Australia. Well, I am not sure exactly what Mr. Vinay was expecting (perhaps loop coverage as one witnessed following the 9/11 attack?), but it certainly seemed mention was made on every news bulletin on every station. The only criticism I have of the reports were lack of detail. The reports lacked detail because no-one knows who the perpetrators were, their motives or their racial heritage. In fact, when the attacks began I remember hearing one report make the mistake of mentioning hostilities between the Indian and African communities.

Never let the entire story get in the way of a good campaign of self-hatred.

Unfortunately for the likes of Ms. Shepherd and Mr. Vinay, Australians have begun to awaken as a people. We are tired of the endless campaign by elitist, self-righteous, dictatorial advocates of the borderless world to instill in us a sense of undeserved guilt and self-loathing. The endless campaign to make us think we have contributed nothing to the world, have no value and would be nothing without the contribution of those who have no cultural, ethical or physical similarity to us.

It has nothing to do with racial superiority and everything to do with rights, the same rights that belong to all people in the world, the right to territory, self-determination, sovereignty and identity.

I would like to close with a few words regarding Ms. Shepherd’s final paragraph. Australia is now — and will always be, despite the best efforts of the racists [presumably any Aussie who doesn’t fall into line with her perverted cultural vision] and the politicians who pander to them — multicultural. That’s Australia — if you don’t love it, leave”.

What Ms. Shepherd fails to realise is this process of undermining the identity and values we seek to preserve is underway throughout the Western world. To where would she have us go? When the West “invaded” non-Caucasian nations, it was declared imperialism and the inhabitants of those lands eventually expelled Westerners and declared self-sovereignty (with all the benefits). We’ll gloss over the tactics used by the likes of Kenya’s Mau Mau and other such groups which were encouraged in their campaign for self-determination by people such as Ms. Shepherd, but when Westerners seek to protect their identity, their values and desire a territory in which to develop these cultural traits, they’re supposedly “racist”.

Ms. Shepherd and her ilk need to realise that we indeed do love Australia, in the same way as all people love their lands, as is right and entirely natural. What she also needs to realise is, we won’t be leaving.

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