Homosexual “Rights” Will Liberals Roll Over for the “Pink Vote”?

Andrew Phillips

21st October 2008

In the wake of the misguided voting protest that led to a Labor government, it was to be expected the pseudo conservative Liberal Party would experience a degree of identity crisis, as it wrestled with values it claims to hold dear while weighing up which could be jettisoned in the attempt to reclaim swinging voters.

New leader Malcolm Turnbull is reportedly the proud representative of a seat with more homosexual voters than any other in our once proud nation and a long standing advocate of “homosexual rights” (whatever that means). Media reports have announced that Turnbull has taken to vilifying and bullying his more conservative counterparts in the party-room in defence of his much loved homosexual constituents, simply for having the audacity to voice their opposition to what is blatantly a case of social engineering.

The “Same Sex Relationships Bills” are apparently the result of an inquiry from our much respected Human Rights Commission (those staunch defenders of freedom of speech and association, unless you’re an ordinary, hard working patriot with traditional values). According to Attorney General McClelland, the nation’s sodomites “have suffered discrimination under Commonwealth laws for far too long”.

Discrimination? How is it possible to put two opposing situations on the same footing, legally or morally? How is something unnatural and immoral to be treated equally with tried and proven institutions such as marriage, institutions which have proven a solid foundation for the continuation of our society for thousands of years?

Coming from a state with the dubious reputation of leading the way in letting homosexuals out of their collective closets instead of gaoling them, it has been of some relief to see at least one South Australian Liberal carry the banner of conservative decency into the fray.

South Australia started the social engineering ball rolling, thanks to Premier Don Dunstan (that same Premier who didn’t mind engaging in a little racial vilification whenever he got his tight pink shorts in a twist) — who can forget his spittle-laden screech to anyone who cared to listen that “the British race are the biggest bunch of mongrels to walk the planet”?

Fortunately for those last die hards still willing to cling to the faint hope that the Liberals really are a conservative party, Senator Cory Bernardi has delivered a speech in parliament in which he correctly identified the proposed changes as social engineering and lambasted the continued attack upon the institution of marriage and the natural relationships between a man and woman.

Quite rightly so. Such legislation is merely the thin end of the wedge and one can only wonder where it will end. What will be their next goal? Will the advocates of low morals and sleazy behaviour follow the actions of their counterparts overseas, such as in the UK where police have been told they are not to be arbiters of morality and not interfere with the homosexual practice of “cruising” (the search for anonymous sexual partners in public toilets) as it interferes with their “human rights”? Or the $1.3 million set aside to educate children as young as 5 in the UK school system of the “decency” of homosexuality? Maybe a leaf from the US agitators, where First Graders have been taken by their schools to witness “homosexual weddings” to educate themselves about “tolerance”?

We have already witnessed what comes of those willing to openly defend decency and their values here in Australia, following the prosecution of former Cooloola Councillor Mr. Rod Owens for sporting a car sticker referring to “Homosexual Rights” and drawing the reader’s attention to Leviticus 20:13 which informs one of God’s solution to the whole issue.......

It would appear we as a nation have to bend over backwards to accommodate the sensitivities of Moslems and other minorities, but for the Christian population? Just keep your mouths shut and your cars free of stickers.....

Having met Senator Bernardi, I believe him to be a quite decent man holding traditional values and his attack on this Bill is sure to be motivated by a genuine concern for the institution of marriage and decent natural relationships between normal human beings. Unfortunately for the good Senator, he belongs to a Party struggling for relevance and desperate to appeal to swinging voters and minority groups, regardless of who they are or what they represent — the Liberals no longer seem to care from what quarter their support comes.

Those of us in the Protectionist Party in SA wish Senator Bernardi all the best in his endeavours to stymie the progress of this flawed and reprehensible Bill, however, it is to be expected that decency and democracy will fail in this instance, under the weight of political correctness and party room bullying that is so evident amongst the pit of vipers that constitute our political parties — different names but possessing the same disgusting goals.

The betrayal of decency, traditional values, national sovereignty and identity, family and the futures of our children.

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