Australia — Proud Nation or Spineless and Lacking Identity?

Andrew Phillips

7th April 2007

Recent developments in other parts of the Western world should be ringing alarm bells here at home, particularly when compared with the distasteful and laborious efforts of our own home grown social engineers here in Australia.

Hot on the heels of campaigns in the U.S to drive out any last vestiges of that nation’s “Christian heritage”, we have witnessed an increase in the efforts of social engineers in the UK to overturn long held cultural traditions followed by the indigenous Anglo- Celtic peoples of the British Isles.

Not content with allowing people of an alien culture and religion to hold demonstrations proudly declaring an imminent “holocaust” was on the way for all those rejecting Islam, the bleeding hearted One Worlders have also continued their campaign to remove the English flag with the Cross of St George (apparently it is too Christian and reeks of the glorious days of the Crusades) as well as the removal of St. George as the nation’s patron saint (again, George appears too warlike to our peace loving Moslem friends and possibly the sight of him sticking a dragon offends the animal lovers amongst the UK’s new halal munching immigrants).

Not content with this attack upon their own culture, those filled with cultural self-loathing have set their sights upon the nation’s religious practices. Moves by the heavily leftist “Local Government Association” are underway to move the “Easter Break” two weeks and rename it “Spring Break” in order to make it devoid of any Christian reference. Likewise, they also wish to remove the reference to Christmas and rename it &“Winter Break”.

Certainly within Christianity there is debate within some groups regarding the validity of some religious practices — some observe both festivals, some observe only the day of Crucifixion while others rely on the traditions harking further back viewing the current observances as Romanised pagan festivals. Be that as it may, these two “Festivals” are currently a part of the culture of the Christian West and it is for the people of these lands to decide any changes based on local needs, not on the dictates of arrogant social engineers full of cultural self loathing.

Australia has not escaped the attention of these Global Village Idiots. Year after year, we see pressure from media and fabian society adherents in the Education Sector to whittle away any observance of our traditions, for “fear of alienating” those practicing alien religions in our new multicultural paradise. From playgroups and kindergartens, through our entire school system, these people continue their quest to denigrate their own culture and instill a sense of self-loathing and worthlessness within our children. You can’t mention Christmas (unless it only refers to some fat bloke in red who looks like he has an issue with alcohol and distributes gifts to all and sundry whether they deserve it or not), don’t mention the events of Good Friday as you look like an anti-Semite and only refer to “Easter” in the context of a semi-dressed rodent tossing around chocolate one day a year and leaving parents to deal with the sugar induced high.....

Never mind though, our GVIs have enough imagination to replace these traditions with something new, a world made in their own image. Following on from the heady days of self guilt induced by Keating’s politically correct regime, from the people who brought you the one-off “Sorry Day” (that day when scores of people felt the need to scrawl their names in books around the country to apologise for events for which they had no responsibility) came the even more arduous “Reconciliation Week”.

Reconciliation Week gives those holding leftist views a whole week to focus entirely on what nasty stock our children come from, a whole week to denigrate their culture, the achievements of their own people (apparently not worth a great deal in their eyes) and basically instill the seeds of self loathing into the next generation of Australians.

One cannot point the blame at the Indigenous population for this farce, although some sections love to push it to the hilt. During the late eighties, Australia First founder Graeme Campbell was speaking to an Aboriginal Elder in his constituency of Kalgoorlie regarding “reconciliation”. He was told by the Elder that “Reconciliation between black and white Australians was achieved back in the 1940s — we are under no illusions as to what treatment we would have received following Japanese occupation”....

Australians have also been provided with that other comical observance “Harmony Day”. That day when the nation’s educators encourage all our children to look like Hare Krishna and wear as much orange as possible in a happy declaration that the world is indeed one....

This little veiled UN observance of the Sharpeville incident in South Africa has no place in Australia. Once again, young Australians are taught to submit their own identity to make room for those who refuse to integrate or change their observances, regardless of how offensive it might seem to those whose ancestors built this nation.

The double standards are clear for all to see. In some schools of the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, children are encouraged to take introductory courses in alien religions such as the Bahai Faith — apparently to encourage tolerance. Likewise, tours are conducted to cultural villages resulting in the children of Christians returning home with Hindu marks on their foreheads (the pressure by teachers to accept such things in the course of being “inclusive and open” is immense — and shameful). However, how many are forced to sit in on religious education to study Christianity? How many have special classes to learn of the great things done by our settlers and their trials? How many are forced to learn of the perils faced by our volunteer servicemen who fought beyond all levels of human endurance in order to keep this nation free to pursue it’s cultural destiny as intended by our nation’s founders?

Not many, why? It is not pursued because there is no place in the Global Village for unique, proud and independent people — irrespective of their heritage, their culture or their race.

The time is drawing close for all people to reject the policies of globalism and multiculturalism, disastrous policies proven to fail in every society upon which they are foisted. It serves as no benefit to ANY race of people or any nation.

Australian parents have a right to remove their children from such classes as religious education if they see fit. This right is also extended to the ludicrous observance of Harmony Day and the guilt inducing Reconciliation Week activities.

Deuteronomy 17:15

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