Labor’s Social Engineers Continue Assault on Regional Australia

Andrew Phillips

24th December 2006

In the wake of the Rann government’s push for the establishment of amalgamated “super schools”, it should come as no surprise that Mumbai Mike and Lomax Smith have turned their attention to regional South Australians in their continued quest to slash and burn expenditure.

Many South Aussies have viewed the process of creating super schools with suspicion and the consultation process has been dubious to say the least, but Rann sits happily in his ivory tower dissociated from the concerns of ordinary parents and continues his campaign to mutilate our education system.

Labor plans to slash another $620 000 from country school funding, with 19 schools each having $30,000 ripped from their allocation simply for committing the crime of having less than 85 students.

These cuts will result in the possible closure of smaller schools (or amalgamation into Rann’s beloved “super size me” schools) after the bewildered school councils struggle to find ways to make ends meet, such as delaying equipment upgrades, shedding vital SSO’s whose assistance with struggling students can often mean the difference between success and being thrown onto the scrapheap, cutting subjects or extra-curricular activities.

It would appear the modern Labor Party, with its ingrained distaste for regional Australians and all they represent (i.e. traditional Australia), is intent upon some bizarre style of social engineering in which country towns and their education institutions are starved of funding, support and infrastructure or services — thus forcing the inhabitants to move down to the larger urban areas.

Country schools offer a style of education hard to find in urban areas, often producing students who are happier, balanced with a wider general knowledge than their urban counter parts. Students have greater contact with their teachers, generally smaller classes and gain a wider knowledge regarding the reality of the world through field trips and community-based activities which help to ensure the continuation of community traditions and events.

Exactly why does the ALP have such a problem with regional communities? What have they done to warrant such disregard by these Global Village Idiots?

Is it that regional Australians, being traditionally conservative both socially and politically, represent a way of life so repugnant and distasteful to the “intelligentsia elite” that they must be brought to heel at any cost?

Having experienced the education offered to my children by both the “new class elite” urban schools and small country schools, I recognise the value of the well-rounded education offered by our regional institutions. It is priceless, worth far more than the $30,000 Rann wishes to strip from their funding.

Perhaps what Rann finds most objectionable is the fact that small schools focus on traditional values, building a sound educational foundation based on the “3 Rs” and pay scant regard to the new class guilt-ridden rubbish one finds in their ridiculous homage to such events as “Harmony Day”, “Sorry Day” and “Reconciliation Week”, not to mention their over-emphasis on observing the traditions and holidays of foreign cultures and alien religions.

Australian Protectionists recognise the invaluable contribution made by regional Australia to our national identity and economic survival. All Australians should reject this continued assault upon our regional cousins by the New Class Elite and tell the government that ALL Australians, regardless of where they live, are entitled to quality education taught in the manner most appropriate to local needs.

Australian Protectionists — Leading the Fight to Reclaim the Nation!

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