Timely Warnings From a Representative Who Actually Gave a Damn

Andrew Phillips

26th November 2006

    Australia can achieve true national independence only if we are prepared to stand on our own two feet as a nation and accept that our salvation lies in our own efforts. We will not achieve independence by pretending to be something we are not or by clutching to the apron strings of Asia. To be truly independent we have to take the hard decisions, we have to take the risk on our own people, we have to revive a strong Australian national feeling.”

    All this will take courage, it will take commitment and it will need us as Australians to take responsibility for ourselves and our country. However, I, unlike some other politicians, have faith in the ability and character of my own people. I believe Australians have the will and the substance to engage in the struggle and emerge as winners.

Graeme Campbell, The struggle for true Australian independence”

    It is up to concerned people to organise, not only in opposition to these nihilists and opportunists, but also with a positive vision of the Australia of the future — an independent and united Australia which relies upon it’s own people and resources. High on the priority for that vision is ridding ourselves of the millstones of multiculturalism and mass immigration and the delusion that we are part of Asia.”

    While that contention might have been useful once to force us to recognise our close proximity to Asia it has become one of the big lies of the elites. We are no more a part of Asia than England is part of Africa. Our continent is unique in the world and our history and culture are unique.We have to have the courage to accept that and we have to learn our history in order to understand more about ourselves, in order to value our country more. If we take Australia for granted, it will be taken from us. We should be proud of our heritage and be prepared to stand up against those who would efface it for illusionary gains.

Graeme Campbell, Immigration and consensus”

Graeme Campbell was indeed a man before his time. A rare breed to be found within the walls of Parliament House — a man, a politician of honour and decency. Like all “prophets”, despite the truth he spoke and the warnings he gave about the road on which his people were headed, he was most despised amongst his own — leading to his resignation from the so-called “Labor” Party for daring to speak out against the vested interests and parasites who were leading the land and people he loved to ruin.

Nothing has changed since Campbell gave his warnings, except the period of time we have to reverse the disastrous effects of the decisions made by those who would betray their own and sell the birthright of future generations for a pittance.

For more information and a study regarding the corrupt machinations used by the elites, it is recommended you gain a copy of Graeme Campbell’s Australia Betrayed.

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