Mumbai Mike’s” Vision For S.A. — Curry in a Hurry!

Andrew Phillips

5th November 2006

In yet another display of arrogance and indifference to the welfare of his South Australian constituents, “Slick” Mike Rann, Australia’s premier doctor of spin, has been pounding the sub-continent’s stages (obviously at the expense of the hapless taxpayer) to extol the virtues of the state he purports to represent.

The purpose of our illustrious leader’s junket to India is to find a solution to the globalists’ stated problems of skill shortages and an aging population.

At seminars staged in the cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore during Mikey’s nine day trade mission to India, representatives have been approached by a flood of underpaid I.T. workers and belly dancers all seeking the good life Downunder, along with Indian students wishing to study in South Australian Universities.

According to the report, Indians are now making the fourth largest group of permanent settlers in South Australia (enhancing the change in our state’s appearance along with the Africans, Arabs and all the problems associated with these groups) and this trend is set to continue and increase if the global village adherents like Rann have their way.

The report continued to outline Rann’s vision, ending with the statement What he wants now is to boost the population to fill it and Indians have become the prime target”.

Thinking Australians should now be motivated to ask a number of questions while examining “Mumbai Mike’s” record.

While strutting around the Indian stage like a peacock on heat, seeking out the poor exploited tertiary graduates of the sub-continent, Mike’s contemptuous attitude towards Australian university graduates should not be overlooked. It is well known that our state is suffering from the “brain drain”, with graduates flooding out of the state to find better paid positions, a start to their chosen careers — just to get an even break.

Does this not seem at odds with Rann’s obsession to find tertiary graduates to support our supposed booming economy? Rather than finding ways to keep hardworking Aussie graduates here at home (where most would rather be if they had the choice), he instead funds foreign universities to setup in Adelaide, with the stated aim of utilising those graduates in his own administration (clearly Australians aren’t intelligent enough to manage their own affairs in Rann’s eyes).

No, once again we see Rann opting for the easy option, overlook the training and use of local Australians. Much better to serve the interests of those seeking economic gain from fee-paying foreign students. Pander to those whose ultimate aim is to benefit from lower wages — considering these Indian tertiary graduates are supposedly working in I.T. call centres for between $21 and $117 per month, they would jump at any wage offered in this land of milk and honey.......

The globalists’ obsession with increased population levels should be opposed vehemently by all Australian protectionists. This is the one issue which proves there is NO difference between the parties. Mouthing the same bizarre ideologies as right wing think tanks such as the H.R. Nicholls Society (those giant intellects that gave us the demand that the Port Philip Bay area of Victoria could comfortably sustain a population larger than the current entire population of our nation — sure, if you don’t mind living like those in Calcutta.....) the internationalists of the left pay lip service to the concerns of ordinary, thinking Australians regarding issues like drought, importation of food, severe water shortages and the impact upon the River Murray — all the while using our taxes to flood the nation with hoards of hungry consumers from the Third World.

Good one Mike, your hypocrisy is blatantly obvious, as are your allegiances.

There are currently 2000 Indian students studying in Adelaide Institutions. Each one, simply by being here, gains 5 bonus migration points to help them stay.

It is time for our “leaders” to place the economic welfare of our people and the ecological welfare of our state at the head of their decision making process. Yet in reality we all know they are not capable of such behaviour as they all serve the same bizarre, irrational economic rationalist and globalist philosophy.

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