Australia Offers Safety to Sexual Predators — Why?

Andrew Phillips

5th September 2006

Violence against women — Australia says NO!, so says the campaign slogan and quite rightly so.

No-one can deny the irrefutable right of our society’s people, women and the elderly in particular, to walk the streets of our nation in safety — free from the harassment and violence committed by deviates and perverts who have no place in a decent society.

With the changing values of society in which the perpetrator is often viewed as more a victim than his prey, the task we face is often an uphill battle — one which undoubtedly must begin with correct instruction of our young from the earliest possible age. This task is hard enough considering the activities of social engineers in our education system, without having to deal with the negative effects of imported problems resulting from government policy.

Australians are a naturally generous people — often to their own disadvantage as can be witnessed by the growing prevalence of imported deviates preying upon our own children for sex and a drug market.

The Advertiser (Sept 14, 2006) reported a young schoolgirl was attacked by an African man on Margaret St., Rostrevor, while walking to her school. These assaults are occurring in suburbs in Adelaide’s North East which have a high number of African and Middle Eastern so-called “refugees”.

A 12 year old girl was recently sexually assaulted in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia by 2 men described as “dark skinned with black hair”.

Last week, a 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted by an African man who targeted her as she got off a bus in Adelaide’s north eastern suburbs.

This week, a report was released regarding the following sexual assault of a 15 year old girl in Sydney by a gang of 5 “men”, 3 of whom were identified as Zambians.

The poor victim was held for 22 hours and repeatedly raped in continued vile acts, often involving 2 of the animals at the same time while the others looked on for sport....

When the victim asked “Why did you let that happen to me?”, the African replied “What makes you think I care what you want?” so much for the joys of cultural difference.

Again, in July, curb crawlers described as being of “Asian” appearance have been reported actively attempting to lure young girls into their vehicle in the lakeside township area of Milang.

The much-publicised Moslem gang hate-rapes of recent years drew the public’s attention to what kind of people the politicians of both political hues are allowing into our country. Following the brave testimonies of the victims in court, four brothers were given so called “lengthy sentences” for their depraved acts of race hate.

The excuse of cultural differences and tolerance of different values do NOT wash. To make the whole incident even more disgusting is the fact that the father of the boys, one “Dr. K” (one assumes this “man” is an educated person and therefore should know better) lied to protect his dirty offspring and therefore committed perjury in a court of law. Not only does he protect his offspring after their attacks upon innocent young Australian girls (thereby indicating tacit approval for their depravity), he also reaffirms his poor example by showing his offspring that it is acceptable to lie in a Kafir’s court.

Surely the increased crimes of these people who clearly despise their host nation’s culture should be sounding the alarm in the minds of decent, thinking people in our society?

As stated in another editorial, a woman was assaulted by an African in Brighton, recently one Mohamed Hassen Sherif was reported in the Advertiser as admitting to driving his car into a crowd outside a club, 2 “Vietnamese Australians”(?) Nguyen Van Huy and wife Hoang Le Thuy were arrested for heroin trafficking with possession of half a kilo of the drug, intending to import the poison into Australia, destroying the lives and potential of countless young Australians.

Van Lun Nguyen was found unconscious on a Vietnamese Airlines flight and recently appeared in a Parramatta Court for attempting to import the heroin pellets that had burst in his stomach. Again, a fine way to repay the nation that offered him sanctuary from the evils of totalitarianism.....

It is clear that multiculturalism does not work. It is a failed policy and it is having disastrous effects upon the lives of many innocent people who were not consulted about it’s implementation — witness the assault upon the working conditions of Australian workers who only want to provide for their families, yet now must compete with foreigners willing to accept lesser conditions because even this is better than those they can expect at home.

Those crimes mentioned above relating to drugs are an assault on the nation as a whole, destroying our families, wasting the potential and futures of our young — they are an example of the utter contempt held for our people by those introduced into our nation by successive, unrepresentative governments.

For those guilty of committing those foul acts of a sexual nature against our nation’s women and children — let the punishment fit the crime.

Rapists should be castrated. Those who have entered our nation, abused our hospitality and compassion and preyed upon the innocent and vulnerable should be gaoled, castrated, caned and deported immediately upon release.

NO appeals. NO re-entry. NO financial support. Nothing.

It is time for Australians to once again show some pride. Time to protect those in our society most at risk.

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