Genocide — But Where Are The Refugees?

Andrew Phillips

13th July 2006

Horrific. The word is an understatement.

The images began with the pink and black charred corpse of a white baby who had been wrapped in newspaper and made a human torch in front of her parents. The same parents whose anguish was mercifully stopped with the slash of a machete blade.

So began a heart wrenching display of slides smuggled from Mandela’s and Mbeki’s “Rainbow Nation”.

The young girl, aged about 9 but whose eyes betrayed a knowledge of events not fit for an adult, let alone one so innocent and full of promise. Bashed and sexually assaulted by South Africa’s new majority rulers — because she is white.

The photos continued their display of vile retribution against an innocent and trusting population who foolishly believed the lies of the new class intelligentsia that “multiculturalism” would work and South Africa’s so called new “Rainbow Nation” status would be a beacon for the world to see and admire.

Photo after photo displayed images of urban and rural white South Africans bearing the fruits of their politicians’ labours. Innocent women lying dead on the floor after their ordeal of assault, torture and sexual abuse by Black intruders.

The elderly farming couples. Bodies showing signs of torture. Others decapitated and/or mutilated for sport.

The stories attached to the footage I have no intention of relaying, the descriptions of the victims at the hands of their black murderers should suffice.

All the pictures told the same story, only with minor variations in detail. It doesn’t matter in the end whether the victim was located in the Transvaal or the Cape — or even in Rhodesia. It doesn’t matter that the body was found on the floor or hanging in the bathroom or left in the dust of the farm in the heat of the African sun.

What matters is the media blackout. What matters is the world does not appear to care — the world allows this to happen, sanctions it as though it is the rightful lot of White South Africans today and the fair and rightful spoil of the new Black rulers.

The South African communist government does not care about these murders. Few are solved. In fact, the view is that if whites don’t like the South Africa of today — they can move. It’s the land redistribution of Mugabe with a crude South African twist.

The figures are sketchy, but an estimated 1900 Boers (white farmers, mostly Afrikaaners) have been murdered by the black thugs. The figures for the rape, murder, assault and torture of the urban whites has not been released. One presumes that the authorities do not particularly care and the figures for the rural deaths is only known due to the knowledge held by farmer representative bodies in the country. Those same organisations who now realise their dire predicament and now try desperately to organise self-defence “commandoes” to protect the wives and children of white farmers, despite the continued attempts at disarmament of whites by the communist black government.

A number of glaring issues arise from this terrible situation.

Why are our media remaining silent about this state sanctioned genocide against an innocent people? The same media that hounded the South Africans and cast judgement upon their internal matters with little understanding of the complexities of African society. The same media journalists who made their living painting all white South Africans as goose stepping, plantation owning, whip cracking, slave owning beasts who deserved all they got once the ANC/PAC got their way. One Settler, One Bullet!

Why is our government remaining silent? You couldn’t shut them up about the perceived “evils of Apartheid” and the injustices done to the blacks, now you can’t get them to speak up. Is it because they’re white? Or is there too much money to be made in South Africa?

Perhaps the Department of Immigration would care to release figures of how many Whites (particularly Afrikaaners) have been offered sanctuary from this endless nightmare, under our humanitarian program? Or are South Africans to be placed on a waiting list for working visas, complete with the requirements of a bulging bank balance before they are granted the welcoming news of entry into Australia?

The necessary wealth is hard to come by when your farm is burned, house ransacked and you’re running for your life, Amanda Vanstone.....

The government complains that we can’t get people to move to our rural towns and regional centres. South Africans, Boers particularly, are a naturally rural people. They possess the skills, the natural love and affinity and would make excellent immigrants. Yet, the government does not seem to want to know.

While the politicians flood the nation with so-called refugees who enter our land illegally, most from entirely alien cultures with no affinity for our way of life and system of values — here are our kindred people, our brethren, being left to die with no interest from the media, the parliament, the world in general.

Die Stem Van Suid Afrika —The Call of South Africa” has now become a tortured, anguished cry to the civilised nations of the world — their brethren, for help, recognition of their plight and for sanctuary.

National survival for future generations — It’s in your hands.

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