Culture No Excuse For Crime

Andrew Phillips

10th June 2006

It never ceases to astound how the New Class Intelligentsia and bleeding hearted liberals continue their bizarre quest to use culture as a tool to excuse crimes and turn culprits into victims.

In the wake of pack rapes by racist Moslem youths upon innocent young Australian ladies and the decision by NSW legal system not to pursue prosecution of rampaging Moslem gangs in the wake of the Cronulla Uprising comes another classic gem from those who would choose to play the race card to excuse anti social behaviour.

While the sentence given by a South Australian court in the following case should be applauded (perhaps a heavier sentence might have been more appropriate given the involvement of a minor), what is of concern is the penchant shown by the multi-culturalist lobby for using culture and race as an excuse for criminal behaviour.

The Advertiser reported on June the 10th that an Aboriginal man raped a woman on a car boot while her 5 year old daughter screamed (understandably) in the back seat. The perpetrator was convicted of rape, indecent assault, common assault and false imprisonment — given 11 years and a non-parole period of 6 years.

What is of concern is the fact that the Judge accepted the opinion of a psychologist that the deviate who perpetrated this hideous act was “suffering a cultural sickness which comes from being separated from your homeland”.

There we have it! In a nation of “migrants”, all stemming from a myriad of different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs the multi-cultural lobby and mental health experts appear to give one and all carte blanche to go forth and rape, steal, murder and prey upon one another simply because we’re all separated from our homelands.....

News flash, bleeding hearters, many of us have spent time alone in foreign lands separated from our own kind (culturally and racially) and managed to conduct our behaviour in a civilised manner, not resorting to committing lewd and depraved acts upon mothers or preying upon the female population of the host nation.

Our nation has it’s institutions, it’s standards and a cultural identity handed down by our British and European forefathers. A single law, a single standard must be applied in order to achieve unity, cohesion and to keep chaos and anarchy at bay — this is the cornerstone of a civilised society.

The government has the responsibility to ensure that the ONLY people who are accepted into our country are those who share our cultural values. Anything less is to invite the divisive chaos one witnesses in all the other nations pursuing the disastrous experiment known as “multi culturalism”.

In regards to the issue of our nation’s “Indigenous Nations”, those who claim the aborigines cultural background gives justification to their behaviour or gives weight to them being tried under a different set of values are supporting the re-establishment of Apartheid.

If this is the case, will they be laying their cards on the table and calling for a self-governed, self-funded set of “tribal lands”, administered under tribal law which reflects the values of those claiming Indigenous heritage?

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