2004 Election Overview

Andrew Phillips

30th December 2004

Only two months following Australia’s Federal election in which we are led to believe the pseudo-conservative Coalition parties gained power in a landslide victory, it appears to be “business as usual” for our politicians.

Labor slinks off in embarrassment to its summer break, undoubtedly relishing the thought of more internal bloodshed in its eternal quest to find a leader that will appeal to the Australian people — one that doesn’t have his hands tied to vested minority interests would make a welcome change.

The Democrats continue their schizophrenic identity crisis while the Greens are left in the bizarre predicament of contemplating how to use their increased Senate presence to pursue their social engineering agenda when in reality they have little power at all.

However, irrespective of the name or the show put on for the public, the fact is they do not care that Australians continue to suffer as a result of an unfair, ill-planned tax system, economic restructuring due to globalisation, inadequate health and education systems and rising uncertainty in the workplace.

Our politicians have betrayed the very people they are paid handsomely to represent. Witness the recent vote in the Senate regarding the issue of money owed to our nation-s wheat farmers in the wake of Howard-s Iraq debt relief policy.

Both Labor and the Coalition (this includes the so-called farmer’s representatives — The Nationals) — combined their votes to defeat a motion to reimburse our nation’s farmers the money owed following Howard’s sudden outbreak of altruism. This action merely serves to reinforce the obvious view that politicians on both sides do not care about the effects of their actions upon the people. By their refusal to place the interests of our primary producers first, our politicians have once again placed our regional communities under further, continued financial hardship.

Neglect or betrayal? Either way the actions of our politicians are unforgivable and in times gone by such people would have been held suitably accountable for their actions.

Australia’s manufacturing sector once employed 27% of our nation’s workforce. Today, that figure stands at around 12% and continues to fall as economic policy continues to drive our industries off-shore. Australians with families to feed and mortgages to pay watch helplessly as businesses cease operations — seduced by the lure of cheap labor and favorable tax treatment in Third World countries.

The head of Fletcher Jones, a manufacturer located in Mount Gambier in regional South Australia, should be commended for his honesty when he announced the closure of his company’s operations. In his explanation of the decision to relocate off-shore — he announced that GLOBALISATION was to blame.

The Democrats, the Greens, Labor and Coalition all continue to push this corrupt and perverse ideology on the Australian people — albeit in various ways and for a variety of reasons known only to themselves.

It is beyond comprehension why the union movement continues to support the Labor Party. Clearly, the actions and policies espoused by the Labor Party continue to threaten ordinary Australians and work against the stated aim of the union movement to protect the livelihoods and working conditions of their members.

It is time that concerned Australians worked to stop the moral and economic decay so evident in our nation today. Nationalists are motivated by a deep concern for the future of our country and will continue to work against the destructive actions of our politicians.

If through apathy Australians do not stop the erosion of our nation’s sovereignty, the assault on our freedoms and civil liberties, then rest assured that we will bear the culpability due to our politicians. Future generations — our children, will have every right to curse our memory for the legacy we have left them.

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