Professor Andrew Fraser

A short biography

Professor Andrew Fraser (also known as Drew) is an Australian academic, originally from Canada. He holds a BA (Hons) and an LLB from Queen's University, an LLM from Harvard University, and an MA from the University of North Carolina, and was latterly an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Law at Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales.

In July 2005 Prof. Fraser wrote a letter to his local paper, the Parramatta Sun, protesting against the immigration of Somalians into Australia, stating that black African communities were known to be associated with higher levels of violence than other communities. Professor Fraser's letter was in response to an article in the 29 June 2005 edition of the Parramatta Sun about Somalian refugees. The newspaper not only published Fraser's letter in their 6 July 2005 issue, but also used it to create their lead news story - attracting the attention of the general public with a large banner headline on the front page, which said "Keep Them Out".

Many Multiculturalists were enraged by someone daring to publicly question their views and, in their usual neo-fascist style, protested against Prof. Fraser's rights to free speech and demanded that he be sacked; Macquarie University then banned him from teaching any more classes, on the grounds that radical political protests over the "race debate" could become disruptive to the institution. Macquarie University offered to pay out the final year of his contract but Fraser declined, rightly refusing to agree to what he described as a "dishonorable discharge". Prof. Fraser retired from Macquarie University in mid-2006.

In September 2005, prior to his retirement, Prof. Fraser wrote an article entitled "Rethinking the White Australia Policy", which was due to be published in the law journal of the Deakin University; however, the University directed the journal not to publish it (yet another example of the Multiculturalists' committment to denying free speech to critics). Fortunately, the article has since been published on the internet, thus beating Deakin University's denial of academic freedom of speech.

In the "Rethinking the White Australia Policy", Fraser warned that "Within two to three decades, it is not unreasonable to expect that Australia will have a heavily Asian managerial-professional, ruling class that will not hesitate to promote the interests of co-ethnics at the expense of white Australians" and concluded, "Given the relentless and revolutionary assault on their historic national identity, white Australians now face a life-or-death struggle to preserve their homeland. Whether effective resistance to their displacement and dispossession can be mounted is another question."

He has since travelled across Australia, speaking to public meetings, airing his views on the future of the nation. In February 2006, he also addressed the American Renaissance Conference.

Fraser has written the following books:
1) The Spirit of the Laws: Republicanism and the Unfinished Project of Modernity, University of Toronto Press, 1990. This book is a study of constitutional law and federal government in Canada & Australia.
2) Reinventing Aristocracy: The Constitutional Reformation of Corporate Governance, Ashgate Publishing Company, 1998. This book looks at the idea that a corporation is a "little republic" and that the corporation as a civil body politic dates from an era when the classical republican tradition was still taken seriously as guide to political practice. Topics discussed include: aristocracy and democracy in the era of reflexive moderniztion; corporations and economic logic of efficiency; corporations and the political realities of power; and corporations and the constitutional genesis of civic authority.

Professor Fraser is currently working on a book entitled Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia: Its Causes and Cure.

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